Gordita Chronicles: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Gordita Chronicles is an upcoming comedy series set in 1985 Miami, following the Castelli family trying to build a new life after migrating from Santa Domingo.

Release date

The coming-of-age series is set to start streaming on HBO Max on June 23. 

Cast and creators

  • Juan Javier Cardenas
  • Diana Maria Riva
  • Savannah Nicole Ruiz
  • Olivia Goncalves
  • Noah Rico
  • Cosette Hauer
  • Dascha Polanco
  • Patrick Fabian
  • Loni Love

Directed by Angela C. Tortu, Eva Longoria, Jay Karas, Randall Keenan Winston

Produced by Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Claudia Forestieri, Mariel Saldana, Cisely Saldana, Josh Berman, Jennifer Robinson, Chris King

Created by Claudia Forestieri


“After immigrating from their home in the Dominican Republic, 12-year-old Cucu Castelli and her eccentric family must discover and define their version of the “American Dream” in 1980s Miami. Cucu meets head-on the challenges of being an immigrant in a strange new world with humor, bravado and some really bad choices.”

Other details

Zoe Saldana, an executive producer for the show, was joined by her sisters, Mariel Saldana and Cisely Saldana, working together as executive producers for Gordita Chronicles. Saldana invited Eva Longoria to join the project, who directed the pilot of the series and also worked as an executive producer for the show. 


As the Castelli family shift into a City Center Motel in Miami, they realize living the American dream isn’t as easy as they expected. 

Victor realises the exorbitance of raising a family in the ‘land of the free’, while Adela rediscovers the difficulty of making friends in a new country. 

Amazed by her classmates’ resemblance to Madonna, Emilia has a hard time fitting in with the stylish girls at her school. Cucu earns the nickname, ‘gordita’, meaning ‘fatso’. 

Over a series of hysterical events, the family finds their own place in the new country.


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