Elves (2021): Release date, cast and trailer

‘Elves’ is Danish language horror series that tells the story of a family of four who heads out on vacation and stumbles upon a group of creepy creatures and a very strange town and its inhabitants.

Release date

All episodes of Elves are set to release on Netflix on 28 November.

Cast and Creators

  • Ann Eleonora Jørgensen
  • Rasmus Hammerich
  • Vivelill Søgaard Holm
  • Sonja Steen
  • Peder Thomas Pedersen
  • Lukas Løkken
  • Lila Nobel

Directed by: Roni Ezra

Written by: Stefan Jaworski


“A Christmas vacation turns into a nightmare for a teenager and her family when they discover an ancient menace that stalks their island getaway.”


After arriving at their vacation home on a remote island, a family of four come across more than what they bargained for in the form of a mysterious township and strange creatures that occupy the forest.

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