Disney plus working on Aladdin spin-off

Picking up one of the characters from the 2019 Aladdin film, Disney has started to create a spin-off of the movie which earned over 1 billion dollars at the global box office.

The 2019 Aladdin directed by Guy Ritchie starred Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Will Smith as the Genie and Naomi Scott as Jasmine.

The new spin-off will focus on Price Anders, who was one of Princess Jasmine’s suitors in the film. The role will be played by Billy Magnussen who played the former character earlier too.

Disney has recruited Jordan Dunn and Michael Kvamme as scriptwriters for the upcoming project with Ryan Halprin as the executive producer. Moreover, Dan Lin and Jonathan are a part through their product creation; Rideback company.

It’s a long way from here till the spin-off hits Disney’s streaming platform but whenever it does, you’ll hear it here first.

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