Catch 22: George Clooney and Hugh Laurie in war misadventures

Hulu’s new original miniseries Catch 22 is set to release on May 17 following the misadventures of US air squad during the time of World War 2. 

The trailer shows a bombardier named Yossarian (played by Christopher Abbot) trying to declare himself  ‘crazy’ to get out of duty however he is unable to do so because of Catch 22 – a military law which states that if a person continues to fly in combat missions they are deemed insane or crazy.

However, if they choose to opt out, they are considered sane enough to diagnose themselves, which makes them even more eligible to participate in further missions.

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Within his military base, Abbot encounters his eccentric leader Scheisskopf (played by George Clooney, who also is the executive producer and the director for six episodes of the show), Major de Coverley (played by High Laurie) and Colonel Cathcart (played by Kyle Chandler).

The trailer continues to show us comical visuals involving Clooney’s character and Abbot trying to finish his unplanned missions and wanting to be relieved from his duty at the earliest.
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Audiences also get to see some of the brutalities of war and the everyday struggles of the US air squadron during the second world war.Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 18.05.01
The show is an adaptation of a Joseph Heller novel and trailer can be found here: 

Image(s) sources: Hulu’s YouTube Channel

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