20th Century Girl: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser, trailer & more

20th Century Girl is an upcoming South Korean romance drama set in 1999 that highlights friendship and the innocence of first love.

Release date

20th Century Girl is set to premiere on October 21 on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Kim You-jong as Na Bo-ra
  • Byeon Woo-seok as Poong Un-ho
  • Roh Yoon-seo as Yeon-doo
  • Park Jung-woo as Baek Hyun-jin

Directed and written by Woo-ri Bang


“In 1999 — the last year of the 20th century — 17-year-old Bo-ra finds her first love: a sweet, pure but heartbreaking relationship. Years later in the 21st century, news about her first love revives her teenage romance that she thought had been forgotten.”

Other details

20th Century Girl is produced by Yong Film, which also produced “The Call,” “Believer,” “Luck Key,” “The Handmaiden,” and “The Beauty Inside.”


When Yeon-Doo confesses to falling in love with Baek Hyun-Jin at first sight, her best friend, Bo-Ra, promises to find out everything she can about him. Bo-Ra begins to pay close attention to Baek Hyun-Jin, but soon succumbs to the fever of first love.


While Yeon-du is away in the United States for heart surgery, she asks her best friend, Bora, to find out everything she can about her crush, Baek Hyun-jin.

She decides to start by getting close to Baek’s best friend, Pung Woonho. Bora′s clumsy plan, however, takes a surprising turn when she falls in love with Baek Hyun-Jin.

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