9 best shows & movies coming to Hulu: February 2023

The month of February 2023 is filled with crime dramas and documentaries for Hulu, along with the return of an Emmy award-winning animated series and more content on self-discovery.

The month opens with true crime shows and documentaries such as Taiwan Crime Stories and Killing County. Somewhere amidst all of this, shows like Animaniacs and Wu-Tang: An American Saga are also returning with their new seasons.

Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne opens up about her sex life in Planet Sex, while an atheist finds himself on an unlikely path in Santo Maldito.

Here are 9 best shows & movies coming to Hulu in February of 2023:

1. Taiwan Crime Stories

Cast: Rhydian Vaughan, Allison Lin, Simon Hsueh, Patrick Shih, Edison Wang, Frederick Lee

Taiwan Crime Stories is a four-part anthology series inspired by real-life cold cases. The show explores the minds behind the most heinous crimes. It tends to examine the motives of the criminals and explores themes such as faith, temptation, redemption, and obligation.

The four cases to be explored in the show include a mass murder of a family, a rape, a murder case, and a fraud case.

Release date: 1 February

2. Killing County

Cast: Emmy Raver-Lampman, André Holland, Elvis Nolasco, Jeremy Holm

Killing County centers around the Bakersfield Police Department and the 2013 death of Jorge Ramirez, who got killed during a shootout involving the cops at a hotel.

In a desperate attempt to find the truth, Ramirez’s family comes to know that they are not alone in this. Bakersfield is known for having the deadliest law enforcement in the country and has the highest rate of officer-involved deaths.

Comprised of twists and turns, it questions who the civilians should turn to when the ones supposed to protect them are to blame.

Release date: 3 February

3. Santo Maldito

Cast: Felipe Camargo, Ana Flávia Cavalcanti, Augusto Madeira

Santo Maldito follows the story of Reinaldo, an atheist, whose wife is in a vegetative state. He is left with no option but to euthanize her. By some miracle, she wakes up one day, and Reinaldo, on the other hand, finds himself in medical debt.

A failed pastor offers him money to be a preacher. Reinaldo soon embarks on an unlikely path of becoming a religious leader, which challenges the way he always looked at the world before all of this.

Release date: 8 February

4. Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence

Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence is an exclusive three-part series that features first-hand interviews with con man Larry Ray’s victims.

The series explores the origins of his cult at the Sarah Lawrence campus and the influence he had over a group of young people. The victims share their first interactions with Ray, their experiences, what he made them do, and what he wanted from them.

Release date: 9 February

5. Planet Sex

Cast: Cara Delevingne

In this six-part docuseries, English model and actress Cara Delevingne opens up about her sex life for the very first time. She travels the world to explore what makes humans who they are.

She plans to find answers to questions regarding the joys, mysteries, and changing nature of human sexuality by meeting people who are like her as well as people who are unlike her.

Release date: 14 February

6. Wu-Tang: An American Saga season 3

Cast: Ashton Sanders, Shameik Moore, Siddiq Saunderson, Julian Elijah Martinez, Marcus Callender, Zolee Griggs, TJ Atoms, David “Dave East” Brewster, Johnell Xavier Young, Uyoata Udi, Damani Sease

The third and final season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga takes place after the success of the group’s debut album. With success, new challenges emerge.

The group is at the top of its game. Some of them want to appreciate what they have right now, while fans are looking forward to the next thing.

All the members are trying to figure out where they fit in the music world. They need to stick together as money, fame, ego, and business threatens to tear them apart.

Release date: 15 February

7. Horario Estelar

Cast: Ă“scar Jaenada, Abril Mayett, Luis Arrieta

A famous journalist is forced to report a crime he has been implicated in. In order to avoid punishment, he misleads information and changes people’s minds as the cops conduct their investigation.

He relies on new tricks from time to time that will allow him to escape from the cops’ hands. The question remains: how long will he be able to do this, and will he ever escape the mess he is in?

Release date: 15 February

8. Animaniacs season 3

Cast: Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot return for another set of pranks, songs, parodies, and a lot more. They will be trapped inside a video game this time around, learn what it means to be an influencer, and escape a mad scientist’s island.

Pinky and Brain’s plans to take over the world take them onto the paths of new lands, deserts, and the space continuum. The third and final season also teases the end of Pinky and Brain’s friendship.

Release date: 17 February

9. Bruiser

Cast: Trevante Rhodes, Shamier Anderson, Shinelle Azoroh, Jalyn Hall

Bruiser follows 14-year-old Darious, as he struggles with puberty during the summer. Both his parents are working hard to provide him with the best education. Their hard work allowed him to study at a private school with privileged kids.

While most of the students here are on vacation to exotic places, Darious returns to his old life, but his friendship with his old mates is no longer that strong. Unaware of what he should do, he turns to a charismatic loner for help.

Release date: 24 February

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