Who is Robert Shinn of 7M Films and the Shekinah Church?

Robert Shinn founded 7M Films, Inc. and is a pastor at the invite-only Shekinah Church in Los Angeles.

Robert Shinn preached at the Shekinah Church in Los Angeles, California for many years and came in contact with sisters Melanie and Priscylla Lee.

After being introduced to several talented dancers by his son Isaiah, Robert started 7M Films, Inc., a talent management company for social media influencers.

Not much is known about Robert’s personal life apart from the identity of his wife and children, but several allegations have been levied against him.

A special leader

Several people including Melanie, Priscylla, and dancers who were contracted to 7M claim that Robert ran a cult under the guise of the company and the church.

They claimed that they were urged to provide sexual favors and that their income was heavily controlled in a labor trafficking ring that benefited Robert.

Isaiah regularly had the dancers over at his house and then Robert invited them to listen to his sermons.

Former members of 7M claim that they had to follow the church rules and donate a portion of their income to the church as tithes.

Robert told his followers that he was the “Man of God” and pleasing him meant pleasing God which would lead to blessings and a place in heaven.

Priscylla filed a civil lawsuit against Robert that is set to go to trial in 2025, while no criminal charges have been brought against Robert as of writing this article.

The authorities stated that people would need to come forward with their accusations to build up a case. Priscilla, Kylie Douglas, and an anonymous person did file complaints of sexual assault against him but no action has been taken yet.

Robert Shinn, his firm, and the church have denied all allegations of wrongdoing and maintain their innocence in the case.

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