Where is the real last Blockbuster video store located?

Netflix’s latest comedy series ‘Blockbuster’ (2022) tells the story of Timmy who suddenly finds himself owning the last physical store of the video rental franchise in America.

Timmy Yoon is the manager of a Blockbuster Video store located in Michigan, USA and is a huge supporter of fostering human connection through people’s shared love of movies.

When he becomes the owner of the last remaining location in the USA after the corporate arm of the company is dissolved, he looks for different ways to increase popularity and keep his business afloat so that he and his employees still have a means of income.

But apart from the fact that only one Blockbuster Video store still exists in the USA, the series has taken creative liberties on the location of said store.

The last of a dying breed

Where is the real last Blockbuster video store located? 1
The location in Bend, Oregon is quite the tourist spot

Blockbuster was a huge franchise that started in the 1980s and provided home video and video game rental services, later including  DVD-by-mail, streaming, video on demand, and cinema theatre.

However, due to poor management and increased competition, the company eventually run into the ground. Following the end of corporate support, after the company filed for bankruptcy, a handful of privately owned stores continued to function with diminishing returns.

Currently, there is one store still surviving which is located in Bend, Oregon and has been open since 1992. It was originally a branch of a local video store chain before converting to a Blockbuster in 2000.

The location became the last remaining one in the USA in 2018 while it was established as the last remaining in the world in 2019. Dish Network which owns the Blockbuster trademark does not grant the name to new franchises, cementing this location’s status.

The store displays several pieces of film memorabilia that formerly belonged to actor Russell Crowe, which were donated originally to the Blockbuster in Anchorage for an April 2018 segment of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”.

Following the closure of that store, the memorabilia was transferred to the Oregon location.

The store was also the subject of a documentary titled “The Last Blockbuster” (2020) which was created by Bend filmmakers

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