What happened to Eridania Rodriguez at 2 Rector Street?

Eridania Rodriguez was a cleaning woman working in the financial district in 2009 when she disappeared, leading to a frantic investigation.

One evening in July 2009, Eridania Rodriguez walked into the office tower at 2 Rector Street for her regular shift as a cleaning woman, but she never left.

She was reported missing after her co-workers noticed that she had not joined them for dinner as she always does.

The authorities arrived and after conducting a thorough search of the building, did not find any trace of her.

The surveillance footage didn’t show her leaving the building and her purse and other personal belongings were still in her locker, suggesting foul play.

A heinous crime

After their initial investigations, the police narrowed in on Joseph Pabon as a person of interest.

Pabon was the elevator operator of the building and he was unaccounted for during the time of Eridania’s disappearance.

He also had scratch marks all across his body that weren’t explained sufficiently enough to rule him out.

As the detectives continued to follow Pabon 24 hours a day, the search for her body continued as she was presumed dead at that point.

4 days after her initial disappearance, Erdiania Rodriguez’s body was found in an air-conditioning duct on the 12th floor.

Her mouth, hands, and feet were all bound with caution tape, and her death was ruled as homicidal asphyxiation.

After testing the DNA found on her body, Pabon was confirmed as the killer and arrested. He was sentenced to 25 years but he never explained why he killed her.

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