Tribhanga ending explained: Anu’s moment of realisation

Kajol’s Netflix debut ‘Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy’ is based on three generations of women in a dysfunctional family and the experiences that shaped them.

Anuradha Apte aka ‘Anu’ (Kajol) hates her mother Nayantara Apte or ‘Nayan’ (Tanvi Azmi) for neglecting her plight as a child, believing her to have ruined her and her brother Robindro’s (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) life.

When Nayan slips into coma while narrating her life’s story to videographer Milan (Kunal Roy Kapur) for her autobiography, Anu and the entire family visit the hospital.

Milan wants Anu’s input for the autobiography and she reluctantly begins opening up but reaches eye-opening conclusions herself.

The ending of Tribhanga explained in detail:

Masha’s revelation

Anu’s hatred stemmed out of the fact that she was sexually abused by her ex-husband and she believed Nayan was aware of everything and chose not to react.

However, during her conversation with Milan, Nayan says she had no clue of the harassment, and by the time she realised it, it was too late, since they had already divorced.

To top it off, her daughter Masha (Mithila Palkar) reveals that she married into a ‘normal’ orthodox family because she was always teased about her mother’s separation from her husband Dmitri (Richard Lovatt) and her growing up without a father.

Anu realises how similar Masha’s situation was to her own, always teased about Nayan’s divorce with her father. She accepts that she had been as oblivious as her mother.

Losing Nayan

Anu finally forgives her mother and is looking forward to her waking up. Milan clicks a picture of the “three generations of women” in the hospital room.

But things deteriorate quickly. As a delightful flashback of Nayan with her children fades, she passes away, much to the shock of her family.

In a letter to Anu and Robindro, Nayan apologises and asks for forgiveness. Although Nayan had not wanted to be cremated after death, she leaves the decision to her children, saying that she had always taken their decisions for them, and now they deserve to take hers.

The son and daughter cremate their mother and immerse her ashes, even asking Milan to join them who they realise was like family to Nayan.

The letter concludes with Nayan saying she has always loved her children more than anything, urging them to believe her.


Months after Nayan’s demise, Milan visits Anu on her birthday and gives her a very special gift; the first copy of Nayan’s autobiography titled ‘Tribhanga’, after the Odissi pose and Anu’s description of herself earlier in the film.

Milan says he misses the entire family, especially Nayan, and having conversations with them. He gives Anu all the footage he has of them, bidding goodbye. Anu keeps the book right next to her mother’s photo.

The final scene sees the three women together pose for a photograph which ends up becoming the book cover of ‘Tribhanga’, as the autobiography finally reunites them without any latent resentment towards each other.

To help you move on from that sob-worthy ending, here’s Mithila Palkar welcoming Kajol to the Netflix family:

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