Is The Lørenskog Disappearance based on a true story?

The Lørenskog Disappearance follows the story of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s mysterious disappearance in 2018, which still remains unsolved to this date.

Originally the show entails the story that shook Norway in 2018 from five different perspectives. First, the investigators, as they initially try to solve the case in secrecy.

Second, from the eyes of journalist Erlend Moe Riise who reads through people’s personalities. Then there is Tom Hagen’s lawyer, who defends and proves that Tom is innocent when accused.

Another journalist, Aleks Zaretski, also tries to bring her view on the story and in process almost tracks down the gang behind the whole thing. Lastly, the informants as they ask for better facilities in exchange for solid information about the case.

How much of The Lørenskog Disappearance is true?

The Lørenskog Disappearance does dive deep into Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s disappearance which really took place in Norway, back in 2019. On the 31st of October, Tom Hagen reported to local authorities when he found his wife missing at home with a ransom note left behind.

The case was complicated as there was no forced entry, although the Hagen’s hardly locked doors. After stumbling across a number of theories, the cops came to the conclusion that Tom Hagen himself might have orchestrated the kidnapping as their marriage was on brink of divorce, which may result in him losing half of his fortune.

Is The Lørenskog Disappearance based on a true story? 1
Tom Hagen suggests his theories to the cops

Hagen was released 11 days after the arrest and remains under the radar of the authorities. Another 30-year-old man, Ole Henrik Golf, was also arrested as his identity was used for several crypto accounts, one of them for ransom. The cops found out that the identity was fake and used by many online.

The Lørenskog Disappearance encompasses each and every theory brought to the table for the case which even today remains unsolved. Keeping the dramatic characters and their arcs aside, The Lørenskog Disappearance stays true to the events that transpired during the investigation of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s kidnapping.

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