The Lørenskog Disappearance ending explained: Do cops find Anne-Elisabeth Hagen?

The Lørenskog Disappearance dives deep into the story of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s mysterious disappearance in 2018. From a marriage on the brink of divorce to a racket, the cops and journalists involved try to break down the high-profile case that shook Norway. The Norwegian crime series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

On 31st October 2018, Tom Hagen, a billionaire finds his wife missing at home and reports it to local authorities. He also asks them not to send police as a ransom note left behind by the kidnappers tells him not to involve cops.

Assuming the kidnappers are watching the whole family, the cops decided to solve this case in secrecy, by meeting the Hagens and people in the neighborhood in civil clothes.

The ransom note demands nine million euros, to be paid through Monero, a cryptocurrency that can’t be traced. CCTV footage reveals a man dressed in black spying on Tom.

After chasing a wrong lead, the cops try talking to the kidnappers using bitcoin as a method. Tracing down the account on which the kidnappers are asking for ransom results in cops finding out that it is fake and used by many people online.

Journalist Erlend Moe Riise conducts an investigation of his own and starts suspecting Tom. Especially when a prenup suggests Anne-Elisabeth gets nothing from Tom’s fortune.

An informant from inside the police station helps Erlend with the case. Erlend soon finds out about Tom’s jealousy and how he carefully plans revenge. Also, the angle that Tom might have killed his own wife, as she was looking for a divorce, which may result in him losing half of his fortune.

The cops place Tom Hagen under arrest believing he is the man who orchestrated the kidnapping, but Hagen’s lawyer manages to prove the accusations and evidence from the cops weak, thus leaving cops no option but to release Hagen.

Amidst all of this, journalist Aleks Zaretski looks into a similar case from 2005. She finds out about a gang from Vestfold that runs a car repair shop and comes across a man who resembles the walk of the man spying on Tom.

Meanwhile, the police also break down the fake ID used for ransom and come across the same group from Vestfold. Erlend chases what Aleks was looking into while cops talk to informants who claim they have evident information about the case.

The Lørenskog Disappearance ending explained in detail:

Is Tom Hagen innocent?

From Ivar Eng’s interview, the cops found out that he and Tom discussed bitcoins and Monero, the same currency in which kidnappers are demanding ransom.

Based on Tom Hagen’s constant suggestions for the cops, Hagen’s blood on the crime scenes, Lisbeth hoping to divorce, and Hagen deleting two calls to his wife on the day she was murdered, the cops arrested him.

Although the cops had a weak ground, Hagen’s lawyer Mr. Holden had to prove his innocence. With the help of his assistant, Holden found out that Hagen’s phone can only save six calls from the same person in the log.

Therefore, Tom did call his wife eight times and he didn’t delete those call logs. For time being, Mr. Holden managed to prove that Tom Hagen isn’t responsible for the kidnapping since the cops don’t have concrete proof that says Hagen arranged this kidnapping.

What was the racket Tom involved in?

A man named Winklemann called Michael, stating he has information related to the Lørenskog case. He gave him a man named Mattis, who could help them.

Mattis told the cops about Peter Vam, with whom he went to Warsaw to find girls and start a racket for the rich, celebrities, artists, and comedians. One of the girls from the racket was Astoria. She put on a play to attract these people.

Peter used to tape them and show them a clip later on, demanding money and explaining what will happen if they don’t pay. Sometime later, Mattis was kicked out. He confronted Peter and got arrested.

Mattis later met Astoria and for the first time heard about Tom.

Who kidnapped Anne-Elisabeth Hagen?

According to Mattis, Peter was seeking information from Tom using Astoria as he was worth billions. Peter Vam later started working with a man named Edon and Allan Kirap. From Allan’s cousin, Mattis found out that Edon led the Kirap guys to Lørenskog.

At night, Edon took a walk and examined Tom’s house. The next morning they entered the house and kidnapped Hagen’s wife. As per Mattis, they might have thrown her in a bog.

Did the cops catch the kidnappers?

Through a tip from Winklemann, Erlend tracked down Kirap but got caught when Edon arrived at the same time. Erlend received a beating but he delivered information to Michael who was out there to meet Peter.

Despite Michael putting Peter under arrest, Peter found a way to escape. He knew the cops were coming, his wife had bought two tickets to Dubai two days ago. After Erlend’s attempt to track them down, Kirap and Edon might have escaped too.

Mattis on his side hung himself to death. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was never found. The series comes to a close with Jorunn’s father recognizing Tom as his classmate.

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