The Last Hour ending explained: Clash of shaman powers

A supernatural suspense drama, ‘The Last Hour’ on Amazon Prime Video, explores the story of a Shaman who has powers that let him travel back to any spirit’s last one hour. He joins a cop to find a serial killer, who is also after his life.

The plot of The Last Hour begins in two parts with Arup (Sanjay Kapoor), a cop solving a mysterious murder case in Nepal and Dev (Karma Takapa), a shaman who can lead the spirits to the other side of the world. Their paths cross when Dev’s brother loses his life in a fake encounter by some police officials.

Dev discovers the truth behind his brother’s death by going back in time to his final moments. He starts working for Arup to find the mysterious killer Yama Nadu (Robin Tamang), who wants to Dev for his Shaman powers. He also encounters Pari (Shaylee Krishan), Arup’s daughter, whom he saves from committing suicide.

He falls in love with Pari and tries to visit her unknowingly while interacting with any spirit in the last hour. Pari can see him when he travels through time in another world. Arup and Dev almost get hold of Yama Nadu before he vanishes using his tricks.

The elusive shaman learns that it is forbidden to use his powers to visit Pari and experiences a heart attack. Another Shaman tells him that the secret to using his powers to change time lies in the last hour of his travel. Furthermore, Yama Nadu decides to use Pari to apprehend his rival.

Dev decides to save Pari’s life by leaving the town. He visits her one last time, but she insists on coming along and meet him at the bus stop. Arup sends for him, and he finds that Pari was raped and killed by Yama Nadu and his two partners. He tries sending her spirit to the other world, but the ride doesn’t arrive, and she goes into a coma.

Arup finds clues and suspects Dev’s involvement in Pari’s case. Dev escapes to track down a crucial suspect on his own. The police also find more clues and start looking for the third person who helped Yama Nadu reach Pari. Would they be able to catch the killer?

The Last Hour ending explained in detail:

The wolf tattoo

Dev recalls the suspect having a mountain wolf tattoo and starts searching for him with Doma’s help. He comes to know about a football club where the players are fond of similar tattoos.

There, he meets Arup and Lipika and tries to tell them that he is innocent. The cops refuse to believe Dev, and he runs away. Doma informs him about a football match in the evening, where they could spot the man with the tattoo.

At the match, he locates the wolf tattoo on Pinto’s leg (Pari’s friend). We see in the flashback where Pinto supplies drugs to Yama Nadu’s partner Thapa. In exchange for healing his polio-affected leg, Yama Nadu had asked him to lead them to Pari.

Pinto‘s capture

Dev and Doma start following Pinto and reach a mechanic shop on the mountain top. Arup also finds out a link to the same shop and approaches to catch the suspect.

Dev asks Doma to stay back and convey the truth to the police if he is unable to return alive. He cross-questions Pinto, who tries to act innocent. Dev leaves and hides behind a tree, trying to plan his next step. He imagines the possibilities of changing the past to bring Pari back to life.

He goes to the shop again, where we see Pinto packing and leaving in a hurry. He grabs a knife as he sees Dev approaching again. He opens the gate, and the knife drops from his hand as Dev stabs him first.

Changing the course of time

In the final scene of The Last Hour, Dev uses his powers to know Pinto’s truth by going one hour back before he killed him. He finds out that Pinto contacted Yama Nadu, informing him about Dev. Yama Nadu asks Pinto to leave and that he will handle everything.

During his visit to Pinto’s last hour, Dev comes across Yama Nadu, who tells him that he is travelling in the last hour of his own life. He explains that he has killed Dev and can now control time with the help of his powers. Dev finds events of his life repeating and suspects something wrong as Yama Nadu gets hold of his past.

He visits Pari’s spirit in the hospital in the last hour before approaching the ride to the other world behind the sea. Pari comes to life and is now able to see her dead mother’s soul. Dev remembers his Shaman mother’s words, who told him to stop Yama Nadu from taking away his powers.

His spirit refuses to leave and jumps out of the boat. He reaches back to the time when he saved Pari from committing suicide. Dev remembers that he can change everything if he could change only one small thing in the past. He decides to stay with Pari after their first meeting, which might manipulate future events.

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