Who are the Darlings in I Am Georgina?

Darlings, Georgina’s group of friends, became extremely popular after appearing in her reality show, I Am Georgina. The group was seen in the second season as well, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Georgina Rodríguez is a famous model and social media influencer. Her reality show documents her daily , personal as well as professional, life. Apart from vacationing with her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo, and their children, she often travels with her friends.

In the second season, her friends offer her support during her pregnancy and later when she loses one of the twins. They not only go on impromptu trips but also accompany her to various events.

Who are the Darlings?

Georgina’s friend group is known as “Darlings”, and it includes Mamen, Ivan, Julia, Sofia, Elena, and Georgina’s sister, Ivana. Georgina admits that there is not a single dull moment when she is with Darlings and that she loves them dearly.

Ivana believes that Darlings is not just another friend group, it is a group that Georgina needs in her life. The friends seem to enjoy each other’s company throughout the show.

Darlings in season 2

Georgina invites her friends over to help with the nursery when she is pregnant, and the darlings gift her a bracelet made up of hearts that represent her children. The gift is meaningful, and Georgina believes that the bracelet reflects what is in her heart.

I am Georgina Season 2
The Darlings gift Georgina a bracelet

Later, when Julia is pregnant, Georgina gifts her things that she believes Julia would need as a new mother. She also takes her friends to her family home, which she is building according to her taste, to get their opinions on it.

The show dedicates some time to Darlings’ impromptu trip to Sardinia. The trip includes shopping together, making bets, and enjoying food as well as each other’s company. Sofia comments that their trips always start a certain way, but no one knows how they will end.

The highlight of the trip is the Darlings playing pranks on each other. When Ivana and Sofia refuse to get into the water, the rest of the group finds a way to push them into it. This is followed by playful wrestling in the water.

Apart from having fun with each other and playing around, the Darlings are also there to support Georgina in her professional life. Some of them accompany her to the Cannes Film Festival when Georgina is still mourning the loss of her son.

Be it the Cannes Film Festival or Jacquemus’ fall show, some of her friends always accompany her to these events, including the Latin Grammys, which is one of the most important events for her.

Georgina has to present an award at the Latin Grammys, and she is visibly nervous before the event, but a few of her friends, who have gone to attend the event with her, help her prepare for the ceremony.

Once she is done with the event, they celebrate its success with her. Georgina believes that the trip would have been nothing without her friends and her team.

Georgina’s friend group gained popularity after the show because of their antics and luxury vacations. However, apart from that, the group is always there for Georgina no matter what, and the fans admire their bond in the show.

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