Record of Ragnarok ending explained: Kojiro Sasaki v/s Poseidon

Record of Ragnarok is an action anime series now streaming on Netflix that pits 13 Gods against 13 notable humans from history in a string of one-on-one battles to decide the fate of mankind.

In the present time, all the Gods from around the world assemble at the Council of Valhalla and decide to exterminate humanity. Right when the verdict is about to be passed, the Valkyrie Brunnhilde suggests a Ragnarok instead.

According to Ragnarok, 13 Gods would fight 13 mortals from history to decide whether the human race is worthy of living on. Believing no human could possibly rival the Gods, they accept, unaware that the Valkyrie is staging a rebellion.

In the first fight, although gaining the respect of Thor as fighter, Lu Bu is unable to get a victory and Thor ends up slaying him, along with his horse Red Hare and his army of followers.

While Adam is able to dominate most his battle against the head of Gods Zeus, he is ultimately the first one to fall in the fight for survival, giving the Gods a 2-0 lead.

Master swordsman Kojiro Sasaki ends up volunteering to fight the third battle against Poseidon, with large sections of the crowd believing he can’t possibly win. To make matters worse, Poseidon is able to shatter Sasaki’s Volundr sword into two pieces.

Is he able to pull off the first victory against the Gods? What’s the next battle? Everything’s answered in the final episode of season 1.

Record of Ragnarok season 1 ending explained in detail (episode 12 – ‘And Ragnarok Goes On’):

Kojiro Sasaki faces Poseidon

After Sasaki looks down and out with his broken sword, the two pieces turn into individual weapons due to the dual personality nature of the Valkyrie Hrist, who has transformed into Sasaki’s weapon with Volundr.

He rallies again, and Poseidon becomes serious as well. The God begins an onslaught of attacks, determined to power through Sasaki with brute force.

Just when it begins to seem humanity would face another loss, the swordsman makes a comeback, displaying his desire to claim the first win of his life, and living up to his title of Number One Under The Sun, declared by his rival Musashi Miyamoto.

He uses a technique called Manju Musao to predict all of the Greek God’s movements, and reaches within touching distance of him.

As he thanks all the swordsmen in history who helped him hone his skills, Sasaki proceeds to cut off Poseidon’s right arm, which he uses to wield his divine weapon Trident.

But the God manages to catch his flying arm with his left hand and attempts to use the Trident again to pierce Sasaki, who manages to cut off his left arm as well.

Desperate, Poseidon holds his weapon in his mouth, but the swordsman finishes him off with a dual slash to the chest.

With his last words, the God calls Sasaki a ‘loser’ and is subsequently shredded to pieces. All of humanity and the Valkyrie sisters celebrate humanity’s victory.

Gods’ own resolve

Shocked by the fact that a human was able to slay one of their kind, the Gods begin to worry that such a feat is actually possible.

Some of the Gods meet in Zeus’ room and Shiva asks him how he is so calm even after his elder brother Poseidon was killed in battle.

Zeus responds that Kojiro Sasaki was simply stronger than his brother, and they must come to grips with the fact that mankind is strong.

He adds that the Valkyrie Brunnhilde truly intends to defeat the Gods, and they must respond with all force.

Shiva is pumped to fight next, but Zeus again requests him to let one of the Greek Gods fight to enact their revenge and the Indian God accepts.

Hinting at a twist, Goll spots her sister Brunnhilde talking to Zeus’ trusted aide Hermes. When questioned on what they were discussing, she responds that it’s nothing at all. Could the Coup d’Etat have even more to it than meets the eye?

Hercules v/s Jack the Ripper

In a surprising turn of events, the participants for the third battle are Zeus’ son Hercules and the notorious serial killer of London, Jack the Ripper, who requests a replica of 19th century London as the fighting ground.

Even humanity questions why the killer has been chosen to represent mankind, as Loki comments that Brunnhilde is playing dirty as usual.

The Valkyrie makes it clear that they need to win no matter what and she’s willing to let anybody fight to reach her goal.

The season concludes with the impending battle. Season 2 will commence with Hercules v/s Jack the Ripper as humanity trails the Gods by 2 wins to 1.

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