Nail Polish ending explained: The final verdict

When Veer Singh (Manav Kaul) is convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering migrant children, it’s up to renowned defence lawyer Sid Jaisingh (Arjun Rampal) to fight his case. This forms the crux of ZEE5’s Nail Polish.

The situation looks bleak when all the evidence begins to point towards Singh being the killer, but Jaisingh continues to find explanations. It is heavily implied that the former is guilty.

In an unprecedented twist, Singh manifests the personality of a woman named Charu Raina, complete with makeup and “nail polish”, after getting beat up in jail.

With so many details thrown at the viewers, it’s easy to miss out exactly what happens at the climax of the film. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of how Nail Polish ends:

Charu’s backstory

Through hypnosis, Singh, with Charu’s personality, begins to divulge details of her past. She hails from Kashmir, where she was part of an unhappy marriage 10 years before the events of the film.

There she met Singh, who went by the alias Ranjeet as part of a mission to trap a businessman during his time as an undercover agent. They eventually fell in love.

Charu reveals that she assisted Ranjeet in getting migrant children to lure the businessman under the false impression that they were being sent to a school for underprivileged.

When she confronted Ranjeet, he told her the whole plan and his mission, proceeding to take her life to protect his identity.

However, there’s a question mark over the whole story as it’s not even concrete if Singh is faking the personality disorder or not.

Drama in the courtroom

The trial shifts from the conviction of Singh to whether it should even continue considering his personality seems nowhere to be found. ‘Charu’ attends with heavier makeup and ‘nail polish’, pointing towards the personality having even more influence.

Prosecution lawyer Amit Singh (Anand Tiwary) continues to throw allegations at Singh/Charu, adamant that he has fabricated the disorder as well as the story.

Consistent to the narrative, Jaisingh gives plausible explanations for every claim made by the prosecution. He claims that the case has already ‘killed’ Veer Singh, pleading the judge to declare a mistrial.

A fair verdict?

Judge Bhushan (Rajit Kapoor) indefinitely adjourns the case, stating that though Veer Singh’s body is present in the court, it’s merely a tool for his mind, which seems to be missing.

However, he does rule that Singh would undergo treatment at a government mental hospital and the moment his conscience resurfaces, the trial will resume.

This would prevent Veer from ever leading a normal life again in case he is faking the disorder, being trapped to play the character as long as he lives.

After the verdict is announced, the camera pans closer to Veer Singh, as his intense gaze hints at either the entire incident being a facade or the return of his memories. The ending is left open allowing the viewers to believe their own storyline.

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