Nail Polish cast: Who plays whom in the legal drama?

ZEE5’s upcoming project Nail Polish boasts a talented star cast. The film releases on January 1, adding a pinch of legal drama on the New Year.

Based on the premise of migrant children and a court case concerning their abduction and murder, the trailer promises narratives that will get you on the edge of your seats.

The courtroom drama won’t just revolve around a murder trial but will unveil deeper sub plots along the way. Arjun Rampal plays Sid Jaisingh, a high profile defence lawyer who is promised a Rajya Sabha seat if he wins Veer Singh’s case.

Here’s the main cast of Nail Polish:

Arjun Rampal as Sid Jaisingh

Sid Jaisingh is a high-profile defense lawyer. In this case, he defends Veer Singh, a suspect accused of killing migrant children. Jaisingh’s role has many layers to it. The trailer displays how the court case leaves the lawyer in shock as well, as facts unfold before his eyes.

Talking about his role, Rampal said: “The script is as intriguing as the title. With a wonderful cast combined with a very addictive energy and clarity of the director Bugs Bhargava Krishna, this is a project that is extremely promising and allows everyone to push one’s limits to a level, that hopefully shall transform itself into something very very special.”

This will be Rampal’s second collaboration with ZEE5 after ‘The Final Call’.

Manav Kaul as Veer Singh

Veer Singh is accused of killing two migrant children. The story of Nail Polish moves back and forth in time. And through this, Veer Singh’s many personality shades are unveiled. He seems innocent as the trailer begins.

Talking about his role, Kaul said: “My character in Nail Polish plays a major role in the narrative and it is the most difficult and thrilling roles I have played to date. The script and my part were really intriguing and instantly got me hooked.”

This is his second courtroom drama with ZEE5 after ‘The Verdict: State V/s Nanavati’.

Anand Tiwari as Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is the prosecutor in Nail Polish and locks horns with Sid Jaisingh. He is trying to get justice for the murdered kids by finding the killer and proving him guilty in court.

Rajit Kapoor as Judge Bhushan

Kapoor’s character chairs the ongoing court proceedings, as Judge Bhushan. Since his call will be the final one, his character will also see many layers as he tries to separate black from white.

His character has a reputation for being fair and just but his personal life is more or less in shambles.

Madhoo Shah as Judge Bhushan’s wife

90s actor Madhoo Shah will make her OTT debut with Nail Polish. She will play Judge Bhushan’s wife who is much younger than him and they share a strained relationship. She is popularly known for her roles in films like Roja and Phool Aur Kaante.

Samreen Kaur as Charu Raina

Kaur will be seen as Charu Raina. Not much has been unveiled about her role, but the trailer hints at her connection with Veer Singh’s character. She made her debut with Student of the Year 2.

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