Mythic Quest season 2 ending explained: What’s next for Poppy and Ian?

Season 2 of Apple TV+’s ‘Mythic Quest’ carries forward the storyline of season 1, which revolved around the release of the ‘Raven’s Banquet’ expansion for the game.

In the second season, Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) joins Ian (Rob McElhenney) as the co-creative director for the game after being promoted by the latter at the end of season 1.

Throughout this season, the two are at odds due to their egos and work separately on ideas for the new expansion. Ian comes up with ‘Zeus’, while Poppy presents ‘Hera’. However, both eventually realise they need each other and reunite.

The season also sees Dana (Imani Hakim) and Rachel (Ashly Burch) finally confess their feeling for each other and become a couple, while C.W. Longbottom’s (F. Murray Abraham) backstory is also explored.

Brad (Danny Pudi) and Jo (Jessie Ennis) attempt to devour each other and David (David Hornsby) gets back into the dating game.

All the characters’ arcs come to a close in the final episode. If you missed any detail, we have you covered.

Mythic Quest season 2 ending explained (Episode 9: TBD):

Pulling the plug

Ian and Poppy had already come to the conclusion that the former’s expansion idea ‘Zeus’ was bad. In the finale, they have a look at ‘Hera’ together.

Poppy wants to introduce ‘world building’. Anything that’s created by the players in the game would be visible to all other players in each server. After figuring out exactly what Poppy is attempting, Ian states that it would be impossible.

Poppy is initially reluctant but slowly realises that Ian is right. The two begin to quickly work on what to do next.

Dana and Rachel had already decided on attending Berkeley University together and enrolled in a developer course and writing course, respectively. They quit at the start of the episode.

But Dana reveals to Rachel that she had not actually been accepted yet and had only assumed that she would get in. She was rejected by Berkley.

Brad and Jo decide to work together and help her avoid jail time for insider trading after being framed by Brad’s brother Zack.


Poppy and Ian, along with C.W., look at old props from their early days of building Mythic Quest in search of inspiration for the new expansion.

At the end of the hall, they find the Raven’s Banquet expansion props, and C.W. suggests that it might just also be the end of the road for the game as well.

He adds that Poppy and Ian have nurtured Mythic Quest like a child, from its birth to adulthood (Raven’s Banquet). And it’s time to step back now.

Dana asks Poppy and Ian to give her and Rachel their job back, but impressed by Dana’s resolve to keep working on the game, they decide to enrol her into a developing course in a local university, paid by Mythic Quest and put her on contract to return as their employee.

When she tells Rachel that she’ll be close by now and Rachel can continue her job, she replies that she still wants to attend Berkeley, and they’ll be separated by distance now.

Brad takes the fall for Jo and he’s arrested for insider trading instead, believing it would get him street cred as a ‘shark’ and earning Jo’s respect.

Poppy and Ian tell David that they’re quitting Mythic Quest to start working on a brand-new game and their work here is done.

By the ending of the finale, Ian, Poppy, Brad, Dana and Rachel have all left Mythic Quest. Just David, Jo and C.W. remain.

New beginnings

Distraught by everybody leaving, David goes up to the roof to vent but finds Jo there, who he thinks is about to jump.

But Jo asks to be his assistant again, and David accepts. They start rebuilding the team and decide on hiring a new tester, finance head and creative director.

Poppy and Ian go to a bar to start afresh as well. When she asks what game they should build, Ian replies they already have one. The ‘Hera’ expansion might not be possible for Mythic Quest, but it’s a great idea for a new game.

And unlike Mythic Quest, which was his idea and he recruited Poppy, this would be hers. She is overjoyed at the thought of building her dream.

Ian gives her a napkin as ‘canvas’ to come up with designs, just like they did during the initial stages of Mythic Quest.

The finale ends with the two moving on from Mythic Quest and visibly delighted at the creation of their new game.

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