Lupin ending explained: Assane Diop’s fate

Netflix’s latest foreign-language title ‘Lupin’ is a French crime drama series led by Omar Sy, which came out on January 8.

Meet Assane Diop (Sy), a suave gentleman thief whose way of life is completely inspired by the French book character Arsene Lupin, a ‘gentleman thief’ himself. (Yes, the books on Arsene Lupin really exist)

When Assane begins to suspect that his father was framed, 25 years before the events of the series, for stealing a necklace owned by his former employer, he steals the very same necklace to trigger a set of events which could reveal the truth.

A lot unravels as the plot unfolds. Here’s how Lupin season 1 ends:

Temporary retreat

After Assane’s plan to expose Hubert Pellegrini’s illegal weapons trade in Kuala Lumpur unexpectedly fails, he’s left pondering his next step to take down the man who falsely framed his father.

But childhood friend and accomplice Benjamin encourages him to take a step back instead and celebrate his son Raoul’s birthday along with his wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier).

When Assane says he doesn’t feel like sticking to his plan, Benjamin urges him to continue with it, stating that by neglecting his family, he is letting Pellegrini win.

This motivates him and he sets off on a trip with Raoul and Claire to Etretat, a French town where the author of Arsene Lupin, Maurice Leblanc, once lived.

The chase

En route Etretat in the train, the three take a selfie. Assane realises that he’s being followed as he notices one Pellegrini’s aides in the background.

The aide chases him through the train until Assane locks him up in one of the compartments. But he manages to escape and joins Assane’s family.

Assane urges Claire and Raoul to go ahead and texts captain Laugier that he’s at Etretat in a beige coat, which is actually worn by Pellegrini’s aide. The cops ambush them and capture the other man while Assane casually walks out of the scene.

What’s ahead for ‘Arsene Lupin’?

Assane finally tells Claire that the reason for his behaviour is associated with the truth behind his father, whom he hadn’t talked to her about in all their time together.

While Assane doesn’t tell her the entire situation, he asks Claire for another chance with her and Raoul. Right then, they realise that Raoul is missing.

As they look for him, it is revealed that Pellegrini’s aide was let free on orders of commissioner Dumont. He abducts Raoul in his car.

The finals scene shows officer Guedira, who’s obsessed with Arsene Lupin as well, locating and identifying Assane. As he finds him, he refers to him as ‘Lupin’, hinting that he might be more of a help than hindrance to the gentleman thief.

Netflix has already confirmed a season 2 for Lupin.

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