Liz Golyar and Dave Kroupa from Lover, Stalker, Killer: Where are they now?

In Lover, Stalker, Killer, Liz Golyar is found to be the person who is texting and threatening Dave and his family by impersonating Cari.

In 2012, after moving to Omaha, Nebraska, Dave Kroupa meets Liz Golyar through an online dating website.

The two hit it off instantly, as they have a lot in common. Things change when Cari Farver enters Dave’s life.

After a chance encounter with Liz, Cari breaks up with Dave sometime later and starts threatening him online. She goes from stalking Dave and his close ones to burning down Liz’s house.

The cops struggle to catch Cari, who seems to have disappeared without leaving a trace but is communicating through online means.

When Sergeant Jim Doty and Investigator Ryan Avis pick up the case, they doubt Cari is even alive.

It’s Special Deputy Tony Kava from the IT department who finds out that Liz is the person impersonating Cari and threatening Dave by following the IP addresses from where the messages are being sent.

Where are Liz and Dave now?

Liz continues her show, trying to incriminate Dave’s ex-wife, Amy, and the cops play along and retrieve strong evidence about Cari’s murder from Liz.

Liz falls into the trap of the cops. She pours out all the information they need to put her under arrest.

Liz is found guilty of first-degree murder, as well as arson, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Currently, she is serving her sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women.

Liz Golyar and Dave Kroupa from Lover, Stalker, Killer: Where are they now? 1
Liz Golyar is sentenced to life imprisonment

Dave Kroupa, on the other hand, has moved on in life. He resides in Nebraska with his girlfriend, Margie Hover.

He has recently started to relax after the experience he had to go through. In the Netflix documentary, he expresses that he somewhat feels that if he hadn’t met Cari, she wouldn’t have had to face what she did.

If he had to choose between all of this and telling Cari that he was not interested in her, he would have chosen the latter.

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