The lawsuit between Anna Nicole Smith and Pierce Marshall explained

Anna Nicole Smith married billionaire J. Howard Marshall just over a year before his death and the question of his inheritance was disputed by his son, E. Pierce Marshall.

Anna Nicole met petroleum tycoon J. Howard Smith while working at a strip club in Houston, Texas in 1991. When they first met, Howard was going through depression because his wife had died.

They began a relationship not long after where they exchanged several phone calls and Howard showered Anna with many lavish gifts.

Howard told Anna’s attorney that he wanted to adopt Anna’s son and safeguard their future by marrying her and they eventually tied the knot in 1994.

Love or greed

Howard wanted to ensure that Anna was always taken care of but his son, E. Pierce Marshall, overrode his wishes by stripping him of any control over his assets and even his life. Soon after, Howard’s health went into decline and Anna wasn’t even allowed to visit him.

The lawsuit between Anna Nicole Smith and Pierce Marshall explained 1
Anna Nicole and Howard were deeply in love with each other

Following Howard’s death, his inheritance became a disputed issue in court as Anna claimed that Howard promised her half of his money even though she wasn’t mentioned in his will.

Pierce’s side argued that Anna lied about this claim and sought to disrepute her character by pointing to her extravagant lifestyle and showing that she wasn’t responsible enough to handle his estate.

Through the course of the trial, Anna even filed for bankruptcy in California. Ultimately, the verdict ruled that Anna was not entitled to any part of Howard’s inheritance with the case going all the way to the Supreme Court.

The case was finally closed in 2018, with it being fought on behalf of Anna’s infant daughter, Danielynn, with the verdict that she would not inherit anything either.

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