Is Jomsburg in Vikings: Valhalla season 2 a real place?

Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla introduces the Jomsvikings and their home, Jomsburg, a place where Freydis and other Viking refugees travel to get away from Christian persecution.

A man named Jorundr first approaches Leif and asks about Freydis but Leif brushes him away. Later on, when he walks up to Harald, Leif, and Freydis while they’re on the run, he is revealed to be a Jomsviking, a “pirate Viking”.

He tells them that he can take them to his home, Jomsburg, where they have been transporting Vikings who still believe in the old gods. When Freydis arrives there, she is treated with reverence but once she finds out that the leader, Harekr, is treating the outsiders like second-class citizens, she fights back.

A fabled existence

Jomsburg has been mentioned in many historical records and yet its existence or exact location has never been established and as such, it is considered a legend or a myth by some circles.

While Jomsvikings well and truly existed, no historian has ever been able to pinpoint the exact location of their stronghold. There are several theories or hypotheses as to where it truly was.

Some historians thought that Jomsburg was situated in the location of a modern-day town called Wolin in northwestern Poland while others believed it to be along the coast of Denmark.

Is Jomsburg in Vikings: Valhalla season 2 a real place? 1
Its inaccessibility was one of its greatest strengths

In many of the records, Jomsburg was described as a fortress with a harbor and there existed stone towers mounted with catapults for protection.

The stronghold is said to have existed between 960s and 1043.

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