Where is Candy Montgomery from Love & Death now?

HBO Max’s limited series Love & Death recounts the story of Candy Montgomery, who fell in love with a family friend, Allan Gore, and bludgeoned his wife, Betty, to death when she found out about their affair.

Love & Death is based on true events that occurred on June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas. Candace Lynn “Candy” Montgomery was accused of killing the wife of her lover, Allan Gore, by hitting her with an ax 41 times.

Love & Death explores the kind of community Candy Montgomery lived in and how she started feeling attracted to her family friend, Allan Gore, during a volleyball game.

Apparently, an outspoken Candy asked Allan upfront if he would be interested in having an affair with her. He agreed, and the affair went on for months until it eventually stopped.

Seven months after the end of the affair, Candy visited Betty to pick up the swimsuit of Betty’s daughter, who had stayed overnight at Montgomery’s residence. On that day, Betty confronted Candy about her affair with her husband.

The confrontation resulted in a physical fight that ended with Candy bludgeoning Betty to death. Allan was out on a business trip that day. The fingerprints at the crime scene hinted that Candy was there. Later, Allan admitted to having an affair with Candy, giving Candy a motive to kill Betty.

Did Candy confess to her crimes?

Candy admitted to the crime but claimed that it was self-defense. During the trial, the defense supported this claim and said that Candy only acted when Betty came out with an ax from the garage.

Where is Candy Montgomery from Love & Death now? 1
Candy regrets hurting Pat in Love & Death episode 3

Psychiatrists who worked with Candy revealed that she had experienced a “dissociative reaction” during the altercation, which made her kill Betty.

The jury accepted Candy’s self-defense story, and she was acquitted of all the charges on October 30, 1980. The people were against the decision and called Candy a murderer.

Is Candy still alive?

Candy and her husband, Pat, divorced four years after the trial. She adopted her maiden name, Candace Wheeler. According to The Dallas Morning News, Candy relocated to Georgia and started a new life as a mental health counselor.

After the trial, she wanted to start fresh and declined to talk to anyone when approached. Since then, Candy hasn’t come out in the limelight.

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