Young Royals season 2 ending explained: Do Wilhelm and Simon end up together?

Young Royals season 2 follows Prince Wilhelm’s life at a prestigious boarding school and how a scandal forces him to choose between his love and his duty to the throne. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The winter break is over, and Prince Wilhelm is back at the prestigious boarding school at Hillerska with the rest of his classmates.

August, who leaked Wilhelm and Simon’s sex tape, starts bugging Wilhelm with messages, desperate for forgiveness. Wilhelm, however, vows to make his life a living hell and win back Simon’s trust.

Simon’s sister, Sara, brings a friend named Marcus to their house, who is immediately charmed by Simon’s singing. Marcus ends up inviting him to karaoke.

Sara is happy to be a member of the Hillerska, and her friends give her an initiation in accordance with their traditions. They dare her to attend the third-year party and do something that will bring it to a halt.

Simon realizes that Sara is at the party and causing havoc when she doesn’t pick up her phone or respond to any of his messages. In a panicked rush, he asks Marcus to drive him to school.

When he arrives at the party, he runs into Wilhelm, who is there to annoy August and undermine his authority. Wilhelm helps him get in touch with Sara, and after ensuring that she is okay, Simon leaves immediately, ignoring Wilhelm.

The next morning, Simon admits to his friends that he was overwhelmed when he ran into Wilhelm at the party. Simon’s friends see Wilhelm as a toxic individual and advise him to find a rebound.

The principal announces that the Queen of Sweden will be visiting the school for its 120th anniversary, and Prince Wilhelm will deliver his first public speech during this ceremony.

August believes that Sara betrayed him by telling Wilhelm that he was the one who filmed the sex tape. He confronts Sara, who denies the allegations and tries to calm him down.

Simon attempts to be friendly with Wilhelm at school and asks him to give him space because he is still hurt. Wilhelm tries to persuade him, but Simon leaves and meets Marcus at the karaoke. When Wilhelm hears of this, he loses his cool.

He calls his mother to inform her that he has no desire to be the crown prince and that he will not be giving a speech at the ceremony.

Things at the boys’ dormitory start getting out of hand, and the third years get fed up with the crown prince’s disrespect for August. Meanwhile, August receives a message informing him that the queen has requested his presence at the palace.

Sara accidentally discovers that Felice, her roommate, knows August is the one who filmed the sex tape. Sara sneaks into August’s room the next morning and tells him that Felice was the one who told Wilhelm about the sex tape.

August is concerned that Felice will reveal the information to the public, but Sara advises him to think about issuing an apology in front of everyone before Felice exposes him.

August meets the queen, and she discloses that she wants him to be a backup plan in case Wilhelm succumbs to the pressures of being the crown prince. She further reveals that, despite her opposition, he is formally next in line to succeed to the throne.

Amidst all of this, Sara and August start dating secretly, and he brags about being the next king of Sweden.

At the masquerade ball, Simon appears with Marcus, and Wilhelm changes tactics by wishing them the best as a couple. Simon is taken aback and follows him out of the building, where they end up kissing.

Alexander finds out from August that Wilhelm was the one who wrongly accused him of being involved in the drug scandal.

Young Royals Season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Simon inform the police about August?

When Wilhelm realizes that he is losing Simon again, he finally confesses to him that it was August who filmed and shared the sex tape.

Simon’s friends advise him to report August to the police so that everyone knows what he did and whether or not he faces any consequences.

Later, over dinner, Simon tells his mother and Sara that August was responsible for the sex tape, and his mother agrees that they should report him to the police.

Sara meets August to warn him of the impending danger and requests that he should report himself to the police.

August disregards Sara’s advice and warns Wilhelm that he will do everything in his power to protect the royal family.

He tells Wilhelm that if Simon reports him to the police, Alexander will take the blame, and they will strike back by exposing Simon for selling his father’s medication pills.

This puts Wilhelm in a sticky situation because he needs to protect Simon and prevent him from reporting August.

Wilhelm and Simon decide to confront August and find out who told him Simon was going to report him. They track him down at the shooting range, and Wilhelm threatens to shoot August unless he exposes who tipped him off.

Sara and Felice arrive at that precise moment, and Sara admits to being the guilty party. Simon is shocked by his sister’s betrayal, especially after learning that she knew August was the one who shared the video all along.

She tries to explain that she did it because she loved August and expected him to turn himself in.

Simon decides not to go to the police because his mother would be devastated if the pill incident goes public. He realizes that he cannot win this battle, and if everyone else is trying to protect themselves and their families, he will do the same.

Do Wilhelm and Simon reconcile?

Simon is left wondering who he can trust after learning that Sara has betrayed him and fallen in love with August. He decides to put his trust in Wilhelm and give their relationship a second chance.

Before the Jubilee ceremony starts, Simon approaches Wilhelm and confesses that he does not want to ruin their relationship because of what August did. He also states that he doesn’t mind keeping their relationship a secret as long as they are together.

Who gives the royal speech? Wilhelm or August?

Wilhelm calls his mother to complain about his complicated situation with Simon before the ceremony, and his mother reveals that August is the next in line for the throne.

She notifies him that the Royal Court has decided that if he is unable or unwilling to deliver the speech, August will do so on his behalf.

Meanwhile, August is overjoyed to assist the queen and king in greeting and welcoming guests to the celebration.

Wilhelm gets cold feet before his speech, and the royal family decides to replace him with August, who is the backup plan. However, Wilhelm gathers his courage at the last minute and delivers the speech where he acknowledges that it was him in the sex tape.

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