Yeo Jeong-Woo’s masked stalker in Doctor Slump explained

Doctor Slump‘s latest episode sees protagonist Yeo Jeong-Woo finally confront the masked man who has been tailing him and trying to break into his home for a while.

Yeo Jeong-Woo lost most of his assets, properties, and all his money in the financial fallout from his trial.

It comes about when he’s suspected of foul play and medical malpractice when doing a contouring surgery on a patient, who dies of excessive bleeding during operation.

Some evidence also piles up that points fingers at him. However, it’s not enough for a conviction.

Meanwhile, he sells his clinics, apartments, and a lot of other things, to provide for his employees’ severance pay and deal with penalties and fees aplenty.

He ends up in a rooftop room that he rents out at a house that belongs to none other than his high school rival Nam Ha-Neul’s family.

Soon, a shady man comes and breaks into his room, and the police can’t find much on the security cameras in the area.

They eventually do see someone in the footage procured from a passer-by who was driving through the area during the time the break-in happened.

However, it’s hard to make out who he is. Meanwhile, some time passes and Yeo Jeong-Woo feels a man following him.

Yeo Jeong-Woo stalker Doctor Slump
Yeo Jeong-Woo tackling his stalker

He eventually gets ahead of the stalker and pushes him into a wall, asking why he’s following him. The masked man says nothing.

He tries fighting him to get him talking, and Jeong-Woo’s focus gets stronger when a spy pen falls out of the man’s pocket.

Two contenders

There’s Kang Jin-Seok, the anesthesiologist who was inside the ER with Jeong-Woo when the incident happened and the patient died.

Ever since then, he disappeared and even after agreeing to testify as a witness, he withdrew at the last moment.

Jeong-Woo tries to find him and talk to him at his new job but he resigns before he can reach there.

He remains highly auspicious and his disappearance paints him as the likeliest contender for being the masked man.

However, there’s more to the masked man, Jin-Seok, and the masked man’s intentions.

There very well could be two masked men; one could be behind planting the spy pens inside Jeong-Woo’s office and room, the other one trying to remove them.

That’s where Jeong-Woo’s friend and mentor, Min Kyung-Min comes in.

He has shown nothing but red flags while being a seemingly great help to Jeong-Woo throughout the trial.

He also told Jeong-Woo about all the spy pens he found in his clinic’s office.

However, he did it later than he claims to have found it, and Jeong-Woo asks him about it.

He also shares a tense relationship and a murky past with Nam Ha-Neul. Additionally, he also has random spurts like opining that Jeong-Woo shouldn’t be happy.

These factors make the aforementioned two the likeliest contenders for being the man behind the mask.

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