Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein summary and ending explained

Netflix’s ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ is the story of Vikrant whose future is threatened after he catches the attention of the daughter of a powerful politician.


Vikrant is a regular guy who never really sees eye to eye with his family, especially when it comes to worshiping the “demon”-like politician, Akhiraj, of the fictional town Onkara.

The naïve Vikrant has his future set with his lover Shikha. They have everything planned from the place they will live to how their life would look like.

However, all their dreams start slowly crashing down when his father is insistent on him working for the politician just like he himself has for multiple years. The initiation of his life’s downfall begins when all the three elements that he fears, namely power, money and women, come together and work against him.

On his way to meet Akhiraj upon his father’s constant nagging, Vikrant meets Purva, Akhiraj’s daughter, after many years. Purva and Vikrant studied in the same school but he always had a disliking for her as everything went haywire whenever she was around.

Similarly, his luck starts running out when they meet again this time around too. Upon his daughter’s request, Akhiraj gives a job to Vikrant at Purva’s Zumba class.

Not wanting to waste his life and hard earned degree, Vikrant goes to meet Akhiraj the next day to get out of the job. Unfortunately, he becomes the witness and an unwilling participant in the murder of a police officer.

Filled with rage, he walks up-to Purva’s Zumba class but faints there instead. When she comes to meet him, she spots Shikha and asks him if he is in a relationship. Worried that something might happen to Shikha, he lies which makes Purva a little too happy.

Finally, not being able to take it any longer, he meets with Purva and tells her that he cannot work for her and that he wants to make something of himself through his hard work. She smilingly agrees but soon all the facilities like electricity, water supply and even the internet connection at Vikrant’s are facing problems.

Eventually, there is a threat that even the house itself might be taken away from them. He faces a rejection from all the companies and his degree loses it’s value. Left without any options, he goes and asks for his job back from Purva.

This leaves Vikrant restless. He anonymously informs a news television channel about the murder of the policeman and his dead body’s whereabouts. It does not take Akhiraj’s family much time to put two and two together and figure out who was the informant. To the surprise of Vikrant, instead of bodily harming him or his family, they announce Purva’s wedding with him.

Desperate to get out of the marriage, Vikrant goes to Akhiraj and confesses that he has a girlfriend but gives false details about her. There is news that a disjointed body is found in the river which turns out to be Shikha’s.

A desperate Vikrant who can barely swim jumps into the river. He looses all hope in life and agrees to marry Purva. But he has a plan. He starts scheming against his new family and attempts to find a gun in order to kill his wife, father-in-law and brother-in-law. Luckily for him, he receives a gun as a gift from Akhiraj.

His plans of murdering Purva on their wedding night goes down in drain when he gets a call from his friend Golden. He rushes to meet him only to find Shikha peacefully sleeping. Akhiraj’s goon follows Shikha. In the quest to send her to Delhi safely, the goon is murdered by Vikrant.

After Shikha gets on the bus to Delhi, Vikrant goes back to Purva who to his surprise has a photo of him and Shikha standing behind the bus. Vikrant lies and tells her that they just had a casual fling during college. Though Purva seems content with his answer, she send her men to murder Shikha. By that time, Vikrant calls Shikha’s family and asks them to go into hiding.

After a desperate call from Shikha informing about how they are being chased, Vikrant confronts Purva. Then he goes on to lie about how she is to be wed in a few days. This seems to calm Purva down and she asks her men to retract.

Vikrant has had enough. He dives deep into the dark web in order to get his wife and the people who tortured Shikha killed. To execute his plan, he lies about his love for Purva and they go to Chilling for their honeymoon where the murderer awaits.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein ending explained in detail:

Arranging the murder

Vikrant gets access to the dark web and he starts arranging for the murderer to eliminate Purva. However, it would cost him a lot.

He convinces his father to get him money from Akhiraj’s campaign. The time and place are decided with the murderer.


Due to the cold and lack of oxygen the murderer misses his mark and Purva remains unhurt.

They come up with a new plan of planting a bomb in Bhopal where Purva is to perform. Vikrant initially is against this plan as innocent people will also be hurt but he eventually gives in.

The kidnapping

Vikrant isn’t able to join Purva in Bhopal due to some work handed to him by Akhiraj. Just about when he is about to release a sigh of relief, he gets a call from his sister who is with Purva at her performance.

Purva has become aware that Vikrant is behind the killing of her men and that his father stole the money. The bomb goes off during her performance. Thankfully, his sister is safe but there is no news of Purva.

Assuming that he is about to get the news of her death, he prepares himself to act as the sad husband. Just about then he gets a call from the murderer who has kidnapped Purva and threatens Vikrant to give him more money else he’ll send her back home.

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