Yakamoz S-245 summary and ending explained

Netflix’s ‘Yakamoz S-245’ is set in the same universe as the thriller series, ‘Into the Night’ and tells the story of the titular submarine and the people aboard it as they try to escape the deadly rays of the sun.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

The plot for Yakamoz S-245 is teased at the end of Into The Night season 2 when the submarine arrives at the Doomsday Vault in Norway as Ayaz holds Markus at gunpoint.

The story however kicks off way before disaster strikes and focuses on the protagonist Arman Kaya — a diving instructor and Marine Biologist living in Turkey.

He is approached by his ex-girlfriend Defne who tries to recruit him for a diving mission at the Erebus Trench. The crew also comprises Rana, Cem and Felix the oceanographer. However, Arman is livid at the fact that the sponsor for the whole expedition is none other than his father’s company.

Arman actively hates his old man for being rich and greedy, and therefore shows his resentment. The next morning he has a change of heart and visits Defne and the two discuss their mission.

Elsewhere, in the city of Adana, an intelligence officer Hatice Çelik notices the shift in the sun’s polarity and warns her superiors of its disastrous consequences. Taking notice of the disaster, her superiors order her to not make the information public.

Arman and his new team meanwhile use his submarine and carry out their first dive at the trench before sunrise but are shocked to see their ship deserted when they come up. They then watch a video left by Defne’s fiancé, Kenan, in which he reveals that the crew received word about the lethal weather event that has started in Asia and they must find shelter before sunrise if they want to live.

Arman and gang hustle up and try to find shelter when they stumble into the titular military vessel, the Yakamoz S-245. The crew takes the divers on board who break the devastating news to everyone.

They decide to travel to the shelter mentioned in the video but that ends badly. Arman and his team discover that it isn’t enough to save people from the sun rays and Kenan perishes. Everyone soon returns to the Yakamoz but this time the crew is apprehensive about having them on owing to their miscalculations about the safety shelter which resulted in the death of their own.

Furthermore, commander Erenay also dies as he tries to prevent a sailor from exploding the submarine because of a mental breakdown. Now, the command of the submarine is taken over by Umut who isn’t on common grounds with Arman.

However, things get complicated further when the crew discovers Hatice Çelik hiding onboard the Yakamoz. She reveals that when she broke the news about the sun, she was detained but escaped and hid in the submarine.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Yakamoz S-245 ending explained in detail:


Çelik is interrogated further and mentions that she observed everyone on board the Yakamoz while in hiding. She shocks Umut and his second-in-command Yonca Yilmaz when she exposes that the former commander of the sub, Erenay, was actually trying to contact someone in the outside world secretly. Yonca is especially gutted as Erenay was her father.

On top of that, it is also hinted that Defne has been using her laptop to contact someone in the outside world as well. Meanwhile, it is discovered that the sun has destroyed the atomic structure of the food exposed to it, rendering it inedible. The crew try to look for canned food at the shelter and as they prepare to go underwater, an unstable Cem decides to stay back and perishes.

Umut then orders his crew to travel to Norway instead of the underground bunker in Bulgaria. He talks about the Doomsday Vault that houses seeds of every crop on the planet (the same vault in Into The Night). He intends Arman and his team to help cultivate those crops.

However, Defne points out the message they heard on radio back at the shelter about a mine in Spain that probably has survivors and food. They convince Umut to make a pitstop there.


In Spain, the crew get off the Yakamoz and run into the survivors at the mine. Things go horribly wrong when they get into a conflict with the submarine’s crew in hopes of escaping.

Turns out the miners sent out a false radio message to get someone to come to them because no one would have paid them any attention if they’d straight up asked for help. Arman tries to diffuse the situation but things get brutal when Umut instigates a bloodbath. Defne is stabbed in the conflict and dies in Arman’s arms.

Back in the submarine, Umut, who discovers a hidden message from NATO, tries to convince the crew of the Yakamoz S-245 that Defne and their former commander were traitors. He uses Defne’s involvement in a prior NATO mission as a confirmation for her involvement in something sinister.

Meanwhile, an angry Arman physically assaults Umut, which leads to him being locked in isolation without food. As Felix and Rana refuse to work due to their partner being caged, Arman asks to speak to Umut in private to defuse the situation. While they are alone Arman asks Umut to leave two of his men behind after them in Norway in exchange for the deaths of Cem and Defne.

He says he knows that the two torpedo hatches are empty and he knows Umut fired them. After much deliberation, Umut agrees to betray two of his best men but the whole conversation is revealed to be a ploy.

Arman secretly activates the submarine’s speaker system and the entire crew hears Umut. Naturally, the sailors aboard Yakamoz lose faith in their commander and Yonca has him detained. She now takes over command of the vessel.


After Umut’s arrest, Çelik decodes the NATO message that was sent to Erenay as they discover that the Yakamoz was originally instructed to pick up Arman’s team before the events of the catastrophe even began. They also chance upon a phone number that they try connecting to.

To everyone’s shock, the one who picks up the phone is Arman’s father, Asil Kaya, who is secure at an island in the Indian Ocean at the Diego Garcia airfield. He requests Arman to join him there and reveals that he knew about the disaster and was the one who orchestrated everything.

Both Erenay and Defne were aware of the catastrophe all along and that they were in on the plan to transport Arman to his father. Everyone is shaken to hear the news but decide to procure the seeds first and plan their next step from there.

This ties into the events that happened at the end of season 2 of Into the Night. Arman exits the submarine to reach the vault, where he runs into the survivors of Bulgaria near the entrance.

The events of the two shows finally interlace as we get to the point where Ayaz is pointing a gun at Markus to avenge the death of Ines, his lover.

Meanwhile, back at the Yakamoz, Çelik speaks with a jailed Umut about why Asil might be in Diego Garcia. The crew then realises that a torpedo has been fired at them and prepares to dive as Umut screams at Çelik to let him out because they need him.

Back in the vault, Arman pleads with Ayaz to put the gun down, but he ultimately gets shot. As he falls to the ground, the camera zooms in on Arman’s eyes and cuts to black.

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