Wrong Side of the Tracks summary and ending explained

Wrong Side of the Tracks follows an army veteran trying to protect her granddaughter who got involved with the local drug lord.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Tirso Abantos (José Coronado) is a retired army veteran who lives and runs a hardware store in Entrevías. The neighbourhood has been becoming rougher due to the abundance of drugs.

Tirso’s granddaughter, Irene (Nona Sobo), gets in a mess when she plans to run away with her boyfriend, Nelson (Felipe Londoño). Nelson, who used to run drugs for the local gangster Sandro (Franky Martin), planned to steal the drugs and run away with Irene using the money.

When things don’t turn out the way she planned on the night she was supposed to escape, Irene calls her grandpa Tirso and makes an excuse for being out so late. But the cover gets blown when Tirso finds drugs in her bag.

Drug lord Sandro tasks his guy in the police, Ezequiel (Luis Zahera), with finding the culprit. Tirso decides that Irene will stay with him for some time so that he can set her straight.

At the police station, Ezequiel helps Nelson get out while he was being interrogated by the new chief, Amanda (Itziar Atienza). It’s revealed that Nelson was working for the police.

Nelson and Irene’s plan to leave goes awry when Nelson mistakenly hurts Tirso’s old neighbour, Alicia, while trying to find the drugs in Tirso’s possession. Amanda and Ezequiel also follow Nelson and Irene to find the drugs.

Tirso gets angry with Irene for the injury her boyfriend’s actions caused to Alicia and drains the drug into the sink.

Meanwhile, Irene, in an attempt to solve the problem, tries to visit Sandro to promise him that she and Nelson will return his money. But Irene gets raped and beaten up by Sandro and his men.

The next morning, Tirso finds out that Irene has been beaten up because of Nelson’s action but he stays unaware of the sexual assault on her.

Meanwhile, Gladys (Laura Ramos), Nelson’s mother, moves next door, to Alicia’s apartment. Nelson finds it a good opportunity to stay around Irene.

Ezequiel, on Sandro’s orders, threatens Nelson to leave the town and tells Sando that he killed the boy.

But the story doesn’t last long as Sandro comes to know from his sources that Nelson is still alive. Ezequiel is faced by Amanda who has realised that he works for Sandro. Ezequiel tries to convince Amanda that he is not corrupt.

Meanwhile, Tirso has noticed that something is wrong with Irene as she’s been seeing nightmares ever since the unfortunate night.

On the other hand, Ezequiel is confronted by Sandro for lying to him and he manages to save Nelson by giving Sandro the money out of his own pocket.

Tirso, meanwhile, finds out the truth about Irene’s sexual assault. When Nelson comes to know about it, in a fit of rage, he tells Irene that he will make Sandro pay for what he did to her.  

After Irene’s request, Tirso, along with his friends from the army Pepe and Sanchís, heads to help Nelson.

Nelson, Tirso and his friends set fire to the drug flat run by Sandro’s men. Ezequiel witnesses this action and realises that things have gone out of hand.

The next day, to give everybody a lesson, Sandro humiliates Ezequiel in front of everybody for his failure.

At the bar, Tirso comes across Ezequiel, who offers to join hands to take Sandro and his empire down, but Tirso refuses the offer.

However, Tirso discreetly files a case against Sandro for the attack on Irene. At the police station, Ezequiel, as part of his plan to take down Sandro, reveals Tirso’s name as the person responsible for Sandro’s arrest. He plans to trigger Tirso through Sandro.

After Sandro gets out, he beats Tirso for complaining against him. This act provokes Tirso.

Tirso and his friends find the club from where Sandro runs his distribution. Tirso takes Gladys’ help to get entry into the club in return for a job at the store for Nelson.

Ezequiel helps Amanda arrest Loko, Sandro’s main dealer at the local park. Nata, Loko’s girlfriend, offers to help Ezequiel but he doesn’t welcome it.

Later in the night, Gladys helps Tirso enter Sandro’s club. Meanwhile, Amanda who’s also been keeping an eye over the club informs Ezequiel about Tirso’s move.

Before Tirso could find out more, Ezequiel takes Tirso out of the club. Irene, in the meantime, has been facing trouble and has started taking drugs.

Sandro pays a visit to Ezequiel to find out why he went to his club. He threatens him in case he plans to do something that messes up Sandro’s business.

Nata helps Amanda conduct a raid on Sandro’s club, but she uses the opportunity to dictate terms in front of Ezequiel to take down Sandro and replace him with her boyfriend, Loko.

In the meantime, Tirso, Pepe and Sanchís break into Sandro’s safehouse and find a lot of money which they decide to throw on the streets.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Wrong Side of the Tracks ending explained in detail:

The Robin Hoods

As Amanda’s investigation turns towards the Robin Hoods who robbed Sandro, Ezequiel tasks Nata with burning another of Sandro’s places and Nata shares the idea with Loko.

A while later, Tirso is arrested by Ezequiel who tries to give Tirso an alibi to drop Amanda’s suspicion on him as Nata and her friends will attack Sandro’s place dressed as the Robin Hoods in the night.

However, things get messed up when Loko dies due to a trap set up by Sandro. Unknowingly, Ezequiel sent Loko to his death.

Nata seeks Nelson’s help to take revenge for their friend’s death, but Nelson backs out. Nata also tells Nelson about Irene’s drug addiction.

Sandro, suspicious of the original Robin Hoods being alive, tasks Yeyo with investigating Tirso.

The Phantom

Yeyo breaks into Tirso’s hardware store but gets hit on the head by Nelson. Tirso ties him up in the basement of his store and forces Ezekiel to handle him. But Ezekiel, unable to kill him, leaves him in the basement without Tirso’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, Nelson, concerned about Irene’s drug problem, tells Tirso about it. Tirso finds Irene’s drug stash in her room and decides to send Irene back to her mother. He also hands the responsibility of the store to his son without realising that Yeyo is still in the basement.

Ezequiel tries to turn himself in to the police but Amanda refuses. Amanda reveals that they are actually after a guy called ‘The Phantom’ who controls gangsters like Sandro.

Amanda asks Ezequiel to conduct a mission so that she can record the conversation between him and Sandro about “The Phantom”, who killed her father.

As Irene gets ready with Nelson, he tells her that he can’t go as he’s been responsible for everything that happened with her. He also informs her of everything that her grandpa did for her. After a bitter goodbye, Irene’s mother takes her away.

The final act

When Tirso’s son, Santi, reaches the hardware store, he finds Yeyo and unties him. Yeyo attacks Santi and leaves.  

Yeyo finds Tirso sitting in Pepe’s bar and tries to attack him. But instead of Tirso, Gladys gets injured and Pepe apprehends Yeyo. He is later handed over to the police.

Ezequiel tries to find something about The Phantom from Sandro, but he gets suspicious about Ezequiel and finds him carrying a bug on his body. But before he can do something to Ezequiel, Nelson, with the help of Nata, shoots Sandro without getting noticed.

After Sandro’s death, Ezekiel gets arrested by the police for his involvement with criminals. After seeing the news of an attack, Irene, worrying about her grandpa’s safety, rushes to the spot. She finds that Tirso is safe and hugs him.

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