Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 summary and ending explained

In the third season of Wrong Side of the Tracks, the arrival of Tirso’s ex-wife and a corrupt police officer disrupts Tirso and his family’s lives. The third season is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Tirso’s ex-wife, Maricarmen, who is now called Maica, has returned to Entrevías. She was unhappy in her marriage with Tirso, so she left him and her children to travel the world.

Maica has been in touch with Santi for the past few years, and after returning, she manages to get Jimena to forgive her for abandoning the family. 

Maica starts a foundation in Entrevías aimed at helping the youth improve their lives by learning various trades, enabling them to leave behind the life of crime. 

She offers Nelson a job and assists Irene, who gives birth to a baby boy named Victor after experiencing some complications.

Maica slowly becomes part of the family that she abandoned in the past, which makes Tirso furious.

Eventually, when Santi gets divorced, Tirso accepts the fact that his family needs Maica and that she is here to stay.

Ezequiel, who has been in a coma, finally wakes up. He pretends that he has lost his memories in order to not get targeted by Nata.

He meets Dulce, a girl he once saved by helping her leave the neighborhood. He asks her to return to Entrevías, get rid of Nata, and take over the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Inspector Romero and Deputy Inspector Linares are the newest additions to the police station. Romero, backed by the Ministry of the Interior, replaces Amanda.

He wishes to impress the minister and get into politics. For that, he needs to be in the limelight, so he decides to start a war in Entrevías and then end it to gain popularity.

Romero starts a fight between Maica’s foundation and Nata’s gang. The gang sets the foundation on fire, and it is Ezequiel who gets publicity for saving many people.

Nata tries to kill Ezequiel, but Tirso saves him, killing Nata in the process. A guilt-ridden Tirso is then targeted by Nata’s cousin, Tente.

Now that Nata is out of the picture, Dulce is going to take over her gang. Additionally, Juan Saavedra from the Ministry of the Interior reinstates Ezequiel to the force for his heroic act. 

Feeling frustrated, Romero decides to send Ezequiel to prison by framing him for drug possession and assigns Linares to carry out the task.

When Linares tries to arrest Ezequiel, he refuses to go to prison for a crime he did not commit and ends up using Linares’ gun to kill him.

Ezequiel wants to turn himself in, but Dulce does not allow him to do that. She takes away the murder weapon and asks him to act innocent.

As Linares had gone to arrest Ezequiel, Romero suspects Ezequiel of murdering him, but he does not have evidence to prove it.

He attempts to fabricate evidence and produce witnesses, but Ezequiel outsmarts him every single time and convinces Juan Saavedra that Romero holds a grudge against him.

Left with no other choice, Romero visits the head of the gypsy village, Uncle Rafael. As Romero grew up there, he asks for the community’s help.

Uncle Rafael agrees to help him on one condition: he must find Sandro’s murderer. As a result, Romero visits Amanda in prison to question her about the case.

Amanda then asks Jimena to inform Ezequiel that Romero is searching for Nelson, who has just got engaged to Irene.

Romero kidnaps Nelson and takes him to the gypsy village. Irene witnesses the kidnapping, prompting Tirso to save Nelson.

Tirso is followed by Tente, who has been trying to kill him. Dulce has taken over Nata’s gang and wants to get Tente arrested to prevent further issues.

She instructs Ezequiel to follow Tente, and Ezequiel arrests him for attempted murder. 

Uncle Rafael’s people beat Nelson up but let him go with a warning to leave Entrevías. Tirso saves Nelson then but remains unaware that Romero was the one who kidnapped him.

As promised, to help Romero lower the crime rate, Uncle Rafael has his men occupy Dulce’s gang’s stash houses to stop the sale of drugs.

As the gang keeps threatening them, Romero arranges for weapons for Uncle Rafael’s men. 

He plans to get the decommissioned weapons from the police warehouse, have them repaired, and give them to Uncle Rafael.

Romero’s men occupy the store of one of Tirso’s friends to repair the weapons. Upon discovering them with the weapons, Tirso goes to the police. 

This leads to Romero alerting his men, allowing them to vacate the store before the police arrive. 

However, Ezequiel figures out that Romero is involved in the case and asks for Tirso’s help in finding the weapons.

Believing that Ezequiel wants to prevent the weapons from falling into the wrong hands, Tirso helps him steal them.

Ezequiel then gives the weapons to Dulce. With these weapons, her gang is able to regain control of their stash houses. 

After Nata’s gang had attacked the foundation, Maica was going to leave, but her family renovated the place, allowing Maica to continue her work in Entrevías.

Maica wants to help improve Tente’s life, so she convinces the judge to send him to the foundation and asks Nelson to ensure that Tente does not escape.

At first, Tente is reluctant to take Maica and Nelson’s help. He attacks Tirso again, but when he sees that Nelson has faith in him despite that, he changes.

He starts taking an interest in the foundation’s activities, but the gang prevents him from moving forward and forces him to hide the weapons for them.

The weapons are then found by Tirso, who steals them with the intention of destroying them. Tirso also discovers that Ezequiel has been working with Dulce.

Tirso informs Romero of the same, unaware that Romero is worse than Ezequiel. Romero sees this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of Ezequiel.

He strikes a deal with Dulce. He will turn a blind eye to her gang’s activities in exchange for orchestrating Ezequiel’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Maica convinces Irene to pursue her dreams. Irene now wants to audition for a dance company based in Paris. 

To prevent Amanda from spending the next few decades in prison, Ezequiel manages to get rid of all the evidence against her.

During her trial, Tirso is the only one who testifies against her, but the jury still finds Amanda not guilty of murdering Salgado. 

Irene comes to the realization that she is not ready for marriage at the moment. She then proposes that Jimena and Amanda marry in her and Nelson’s place. Jimena and Amanda accept her suggestion. 

Furthermore, after fighting with Gladys, Pepe decides to retire and hand over his restaurant to Gladys as a way of making amends for his past mistakes.

Ending explained:

A failed escape and an ineffectual trap

Tente finally gives up on trying to take revenge on Tirso. In fact, he testifies that Tirso killed Nata in self-defense.

This leads to Tirso protecting him from Dulce’s gang. The gang is pursuing him for the weapons that he no longer possesses.

When Tirso finds out that Tente has had a difficult life and has no one to support him, he takes Tente home and arranges for him to leave Entrevías.

Tirso offers Tente a chance to begin anew in a safer environment, away from gangs and crime, and Tente accepts.

At the same time, to get Ezequiel arrested, Dulce asks him to find the weapons, intending to have Romero catch him when he delivers the weapons to her.

However, when Ezequiel goes to steal the weapons from Tirso’s store, he comes to know that Romero knows about his association with Dulce.

Ezequiel figures out that Romero and Dulce are trying to trap him and manages to outsmart Romero once again.

This results in Juan Saavedra replacing Romero, who keeps messing up, with Amanda, who has been reinstated to the force.

In return for Dulce’s help in trapping Ezequiel, Romero had told her that Tente was with Tirso. That night, the gang finds and kills Tente just when he is about to leave.  

Romero gets arrested

Romero blames Ezequiel for ruining all his plans. Now, he wants Ezequiel dead and asks Dulce to do it.

As Ezequiel is the only family Dulce has, she cannot let him get killed, so she approaches Amanda and tells her that she has been working with Ezequiel, knowing that Romero will not be able to kill him if he gets arrested.

After Ezequiel’s arrest, Dulce retracts her statement, and Ezequiel convinces Amanda that Romero has been trying to frame him.

Tirso, still believing that Romero is an honest police officer, informs him that he has the weapons. 

It is only after he hands over the weapons to Romero that Irene tells him that Romero was the one who kidnapped Nelson, resulting in Tirso following Romero.

Romero plans to give the weapons to Dulce and ask her to kill Ezequiel in return. When Dulce goes to meet Romero, Ezequiel follows her.

Dulce realizes that she cannot kill Ezequiel and gives him Linares’ gun, which she has been using as leverage to manipulate him into doing her bidding.

Following that, Ezequiel and Tirso both witness Romero giving the weapons to Dulce. Ezequiel takes pictures of them together and sends them to Amanda.

Just then, Romero spots Ezequiel and tries to kill him, but Tirso intervenes once again to rescue him. Shortly afterward, Amanda arrives at the scene and arrests Romero.

To ensure that Romero does not get out of prison anytime soon, Ezequiel puts Linares’ gun in his car to frame him for Linares’ murder.

Irene’s sacrifice 

Initially, Nelson was not happy with the idea of Irene leaving him and Victor for a job in Paris. However, after talking to Maica, he decides to support Irene and move to Paris with her.

On the day of Amanda and Jimena’s wedding, Nelson is once again kidnapped by Uncle Rafael’s men, who find out that he has still not left Entrevías.

Gladys, Irene, and Maica go to the gypsy village to rescue him, and Uncle Rafael, impressed with Maica’s work and courage, lets Nelson go.

Jimena’s family and fiancée somehow manage to make it to the wedding on time, but trouble ensues. Romero kills Juan Saavedra and escapes police custody to murder Ezequiel.

Romero interrupts the wedding and fires at Ezequiel, but it is Amanda who is shot while attempting to protect him.

Irene stepped out to take a call from the dance company. She is thrilled when she is told that she can pursue her dream in Madrid rather than moving to Paris.

Irene’s happiness is short-lived, as Romero finds her and holds her at gunpoint. In a desperate attempt to save Irene, Tirso agrees to discard his gun, fully aware that Romero intends to kill him.

However, when Romero fires at Tirso, Irene comes in between to save her grandfather. As Tirso holds a dying Irene in his arms, Romero takes the opportunity to escape yet again.

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