Wren Radic: Surviving Summer season 2 character explained

In the second season of Surviving Summer, Summer returns to Shorehaven in the hope of being with Ari, only to find out that Ari is dating Wren Radic. Annabel Wolfe plays Wren Radic.

After realizing that surfing is her passion, Summer returns to Shorehaven to try out for the state team. She has also missed Ari and wishes to be with him. However, she is in for an unpleasant surprise, as Ari is dating a surfer named Wren.

Wren is a champion surfer. She was the captain of Team Queensland, and when she moves to Shorehaven, she is made the captain of Team Victoria. With Ari’s support, Wren builds a new life for herself in Shorehaven, but Summer’s arrival threatens this new life.

The manipulative bully

Initially, Wren is friendly and welcomes Summer with open arms. Summer crashes the final during the tryouts, but Wren is only a little annoyed. However, when Summer surprises and impresses everyone with her newly learned skills, Wren starts seeing her as a threat.

Summer gets a spot on the state team, and this bothers Wren even more. Ari assures Wren that he is with her now and that she has no reason to be jealous, but that does not help much. When no one is around, Wren calls Summer an entitled brat and thus starts the bullying.

Wren acts like a sweet person when she is around other people, but she shows her true colors to Summer whenever they are alone. She keeps trying to turn everyone against Summer by painting her as the villain.

She first fakes an injury, and everyone believes that the injury is Summer’s fault. She then tries to sabotage Summer’s performance at the talent search comp. However, Summer does not tolerate Wren’s bullying and convinces Elo to not let Wren surf at the comp.

Wren keeps getting jealous of Summer and Ari’s relationship. When she hears the two of them speaking on the phone in Byron Bay, she trashes the room of their photographer. This was initially Summer’s idea, which she had dropped because her friends were against it.

Surviving Summer Wren
Wren trashes the photographer’s hotel room

When the room gets trashed, everyone thinks Summer did it despite being asked not to interfere. None of Summer’s friends believe that it was Wren’s doing, and Summer is sent back home. While Summer loses Bodhi as a friend, Wren becomes close friends with Bodhi.

A chance to be a better person 

Summer ruins Wren’s birthday party, and Ari tries to break up with Wren, but Wren convinces him that Summer has been manipulating him. Although Ari has feelings for Summer, he ends up sleeping with Wren and telling her that he loves her.

He later admits that he only did that because Wren’s parents did not even bother coming to her birthday party, and he did not want to hurt her further. However, he regrets confessing his love to her.

Wren is a great surfer, and she gets excellent results at Nationals. There, Summer finds out that Wren bullied her former teammate and friend, Tuscany, when she started performing better than Wren. Due to that, she was dropped from Queensland.

Surviving Summer Wren
Wren is heartbroken when Ari breaks up with her

Soon after, Summer tells everyone the truth about Wren’s past, and Ari breaks up with Wren, which hurts Wren. However, Summer understands that the team needs Wren, so she asks her to surf for them. Wren can either stay by her sister’s side or be part of the team.

Summer warns Wren that she will always be left alone if she chooses her sister and does not change herself. Wren decides to join the team, but instead of helping the team win, she focuses on sabotaging Summer, as she thinks Summer deserves to lose.

Team Victoria still gets the second position, and Summer and Ari end up together. Wren, on the other hand, follows her sister and is left with no friends, just as Summer had warned her.

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