Woo-jin: Bloodhounds character explained

In Bloodhounds, Gun-woo meets Hong Woo-jin during the Rookie of the Year boxing tournament and forms an unexpected bond with him. Lee Sang-Yi plays Woo-jin.

Woo-jin is the cocky boxer who gets defeated by Gun-woo during the final match of the Rookie of the Year boxing tournament. After the match, Gun-woo asks him whether he wants to go out with him to eat.

An initially hesitant Woo-jin accepts the invitation, and the two kick off their friendship. Woo-jin relates to the hardships Gun-woo has been through. Therefore, when Gun-woo faces someone like Myeong-gil, he sticks by Gun-woo’s side and fights with him till the end, even if it means sacrificing his life.

Woo-jin’s past and his Marine Corps Pride

Much like Gun-woo, Woo-jin has seen a fair share of what life is like. Before joining the Marine Corps, he was a bit of a thug himself back in Incheon. Meeting nice and honest people in the Marine Corps changed Woo-jin forever. That’s the reason he is proud of being a Marine.

Even today, he misses his days as a Marine, and whenever he meets someone who was a Marine, he can’t help but get to know them more and where they served.

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If the Marine is his senior, he tends to salute them and only stands down when the Marine gives him a salute back. Many times in the show, he shows respect to the likes of Gun-woo, Mr. Moon, and Hwang Yang-jung, who are his seniors.

Woo-jin: Bloodhounds character explained 1
Woo-jin salutes Gun-woo

When it comes to his boxing career, Woo-jin first wore boxing gloves when he was in the sixth grade. Woo-jin’s father, Hong Seong-geun, was on the national team and was the Barcelona bronze medalist.

However, Woo-jin isn’t close to his father anymore because, no matter what Woo-jin does, his father is never satisfied. Woo-jin’s father judges his son based on his own accomplishments.

Since he won a bronze medal when he was 27 years old, he expects his son to do the same or better. That’s why Woo-jin grew distant from him. When he was in desperate need of money, he even opted to join the money-lending business.

In the fifth episode of Bloodhounds, Woo-jin also reveals that he was once a restaurant YouTuber. He quit since his channel didn’t receive many subscribers.

Woo-jin & Gun-woo’s friendship

Meeting and understanding Gun-woo gives Woo-jin a new mission. He joins Gun-woo in his attempt to stop Myeong-gil, a loan shark who preys on the weak and destroys their livelihoods for his own profits.

Woo-jin sees Gun-woo’s heart of a boxer, which makes him stay. He even almost dies once when Myeong-gil and his goons attack Mr. Choi’s house.

Even after coming close to death, Woo-ji doesn’t abandon Gun-woo. By the end of Bloodhounds, the two, together, defeat Myeong-gil and manage to get him arrested, thus fulfilling their purpose.

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