Woman of the Dead ending explained: Does Bloom find her husband’s killer?

A woman goes on a furious mission to find out who killed her husband in the new Austrian television series ‘Woman of the Dead’. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Blum begins her own investigation into her husband Mark’s death when she witnesses his fatal accident. Blum finds herself in all kinds of difficult situations when she starts drawing her leads from random events.

When Edwin, Father Jaunig, and Puch Bertl refuse to admit to the atrocities that she has learned about, Blum murders them.

Nela admits to doing narcotics as Blum heads to pick her up at a location near an abandoned building. Before heading back home, Blum stops to question Nela about the eerie location. 

Blum identifies the place as a burned-down mountain station from where the animal-masked people carry out their crimes and reveals it to Reza. She believed a fourth, as-yet-unidentified individual was involved in the crimes. 

Blums chases Sebastian Hackspiel and ends up being admitted to the hospital. Massimo is harassed by Ute for showing interest in Blum, and she eventually dumps him.

Blum learns that the hospital’s Dr. Ludwig is the one she was looking for after he injects a high dose of insulin into her body. But he assures her that neither he nor his crew was responsible for Mark’s death.

Blum strangles Ludwig to death with the cannula before fleeing the hospital with Reza. She was relieved that the group of four was no longer present.

After a few days, Hackspiel pays a visit to Blum and gives her a pen drive with all the crimes and sinister information about the group.

When Blum was taken into custody for police questioning, she answers every question confidently and she gets off the hook.

Blum’s in-law Karl learns that his acquaintance has finally discovered the range rover that struck and killed Mark. 

When Karl runs into the man at the garage, he explains that the cops took up an automobile and dumped it off at the garage.

During their dinner together, Massimo begins to unravel all the murderous threads connected with Blum. 

Reza just so happens to examine the video on Hackspiel’s pen drive, and he learns that a fifth person was also responsible for all the atrocities.

Reza is informed by Karl that the range rover cannot be held accountable for Mark’s death because Massimo drove it to the workshop. 

Hearing this raises Reza’s suspicions, and he makes a run toward Massimo’s home to look for Blum. He later arrives at the mountain station Blum had said earlier that the gang would be taking the women there.

Reza steps in to save Blum when Massimo was going to set Blum and the other women in the building on fire. Blum murders Massimo by repeatedly stabbing him while he aims a pistol at Reza.

Woman of the Dead ending explained in detail:

What does the mark on the men’s bodies signify?

Blum is intrigued when she sees a mark on both Father Jaunig’s and Edwin’s bodies. She questions Dunja about it but she won’t say anything and tells Blum to avoid the perilous gang.

Blum later kills Edwin and Father Jaugin after she asks them to confess how they killed the girl and her husband. 

She happens to view a photo of an old boys’ group during Father Jaugin’s burial and learns that the mark is a boy’s scout group’s logo.

After she finds the same mark on Puch’s leg, she remembers the old picture of four boys – Edwin, Father Jaugin, Puch, and an unknown man – who are involved in all the crimes. 

When Blum learns that Dr. Ludwig was the fourth man, she murders him there.

Blum ultimately learns that Massimo was a fifth person who was also complicit in the atrocities after enduring great physical and mental suffering.

Later, Blum stabs Massimo to death after she escapes from the place where she was tied with other women.

What happens after Blum gets stabbed by Puch?

Puch receives a fatal poison injection from Blum, who then viciously assaults her and stabs her in the leg. She calls Reza for help after Puch closes her in the cold room in his restaurant. 

After shooting Puch and escorting Blum to his car, Reza returns to the restaurant and cleans portions of the assault scene to remove any signs of the incident.

When Blum and Reza bring Puch’s body to the funeral home, Blum tells Reza everything.

How does Blum find out about Hackspiel?

When Blum goes to meet Thiele at his place, he informs her that Hackspiel was friends with Edwin Shornburn. Hackspiel set Thiele’s property on fire to expand Shornburn’s business. 

Additionally, Thiele disclosed that Greda, his daughter who passed away at the age of 15, had last been seen with Hackspiel. Blum becomes more curious as a result, and she starts looking for information on Hackspiel right away.

She speculated that Hackspiel may be the fourth unidentified figure in the group. As she chases Hackspiel’s car, she realizes that he was not the last person she was attempting to get hold of. 

Blum is informed by Hackspiel that he was not a member of any group and that Mrs. Shornburn, who hired him, had ordered him to follow Blum.

To examine the mark on his body, she has him take off his clothes. Hackspiel drives her to the hospital when she faints after she was unable to detect any mark on his body.

Later when she meets Hackspiel she thanks him for saving her life. He admits that while he had done horrible things for Shornborns, he was not responsible for Greda Thiele’s disappearance.

How does Blum become a suspect in the murders?

Police respond at the Puch’s restaurant after receiving a call from the restaurant staff the morning after Puch went missing.

Massimo finds Blum’s earrings from Puch’s restaurant while trying to find some evidence. 

Following the occurrences, the police chief begins to suspect Blum of being responsible for all of the town’s deaths and warns Massimo to be on the lookout for her.

Does Blum find out Mark’s killer?

Following the incidents, the police chief starts to think that Blum is involved in all the murders that had happened in the town. 

He takes Blum to the Police station for questioning which ends up with Blum getting off the hook of his doubts. 

Massimo covers up for her during the questioning and invites her for dinner at his place. Massimo begins to blackmail Blum with all the killings she committed.

When Blum discovers the identical boy scout mark on Massimo’s body, she realizes that he was also one of the killers.

Massimo explains that the reason he ran over Mark and killed him was that his group felt threatened by Mark’s leading investigations. Blum is shocked to learn that Massimo also killed Dunja.

He describes how he killed Greda when they were young and then formed the group with Edwin, Jaugin, Puch, and Ludwig.

When Massimo tries to kill Blum at the old mountain station Reza comes in search of her. When Massimo holds a pistol at Reza, Blum stabs him to death.

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