Ginny & Georgia season 2 ending explained: Is Georgia going to jail?

‘Ginny & Georgia’ season 2 follows the mother-daughter duo as they struggle to be honest and open with each other amidst buried secrets of violent past surfacing left and right and threatening the Miller family.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ginny and Georgia are at extreme odds with each other, with the former staying at Zion’s place with Austin. She has a panic attack trying to explain what’s going on with her and after Zion helps her calm down, she reveals that she’s been self-harming for a long time.

Georgia eavesdrops on Paul’s family after the Thanksgiving dinner; they don’t like that Paul is going to marry her. Later, Ginny decides to rather come back to the house no questions asked than have to see Zion discussing her self-harm problem with Georgia.

Meanwhile, Cordova makes a breakthrough discovery with Anthony Greene, Georgia’s first husband whose current status is missing, but who he believes has also been murdered by Georgia. Amber asks him to follow the trail.

At school, Maxine continues to the high road until it becomes too obnoxious that Ginny and even Abby get fed up with it. Ginny reconciles with Marcus and the two resume their hook-ups, and things get spicy again.

Georgia keeps trying to climb up the Wellsbury social ladder, by trying to get a membership of the Neighborhood Club, but Cynthia prevents that from happening, even though Georgia had earlier asked her for a favor.

Ginny’s therapy sessions continue as she struggles to open up properly, given the kind of secrets she’s been left to keep within herself.

All the repressed anger and fear and anxieties blurt out in front of Georgia, who also has a panic attack and later comes clean to her daughter on why she murdered Kenny.

The two makeup but Ginny is even more suppressed by these revelations, feeling all the weight of her mother’s actions on her conscience, feeling she is guilty of murder because her mother did it for her.

Gil returns and starts meeting Austin at school for a couple of times before arriving at his new home at Christmas. Georgia is terrified while Paul and Zion are very suspicious of this man.

Georgia eventually attends a therapy session with Ginny after finding out about her self-harm habits and having an incredibly emotional confrontation with her. Facetious at first, Georgia gradually starts to ease up to the therapy and engages with her daughter properly.

Austin keeps trying to get into Austin’s life as a way to also exact revenge on Georgia, who he starts harassing with his old, abusive ways. Marcus falls into a depressive episode that eventually leads to him and Ginny breaking up.

Georgia finishes her unfinished work with Tom, a horrific act that Austin bears witness to. Later, Gil arrives and starts attacking Georgia because he couldn’t get a new house, thanks to Cynthia who put him up on a blacklist after seeing him abuse Georgia.

Ginny and Austin arrive and the latter shoots Gil with the gun Georgia’s been hiding under the closet. The bullet grazes past Gil and while he takes a leave, Georgia and the kids hide what transpired from Paul.

Ginny realizes she’s not been paying attention to Marcus and his problems amidst all that she’s been going through. Meanwhile, she comes clean about all (most) of her past to Paul, who still chooses to marry her and also helps fend off Gil.

The day arrives and Paul and Georgia get married. Soon thereafter, the celebrations are spoiled as Cordova reports Georgia as a suspect in Tom’s murder, and the police cuff and take her away.

‘Ginny & Georgia’ season 2 ending explained in detail:

Do Ginny and Marcus end up together?

Ginny and Marcus end up together at the end of ‘Ginny & Georgia’ season 2, but as friends. They reconcile and come to a mutual understanding and agreement that’s mature far beyond their years.

Ginny and Marcus have always been passionately in love with each other, and after initial hiccups and a few harsh bumps down the road, they do get back together and their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend becomes official.

Marcus truly loves Ginny, and she loves him. They’re also really good friends of each other. In fact, he’s the best friend Ginny has, so much so that she shares her mother’s murderous secret with him, which he receives like a true champ.

However, it’s already clear that Marcus has demons of his own, and gradually, his demons become bigger than his ability to properly give attention and care to Ginny, who’s too busy dealing with her own peculiar family and drama to understand that.

After a misunderstanding, Ginny believes he doesn’t love her anymore but later, upon learning that Marcus suffers from depression from Maxine, she regrets creating walls between herself and him.

She visits Marcus again and promises to be there for him, and even though Marcus doesn’t want her to keep loving him and hurt herself, Ginny is content with the love they both have for each other while remaining best friends with him.

Who is Mary?

During Ginny’s rebellious, dyed-hair phase, she mentions a name amid a spat with Georgia, in the presence of Paul.

The name drop terrifies Georgia, who’s visibly shaken up and fears that her daughter will utter some long-buried secret in front of Paul.

As she sends her away to her room, Paul asks Georgia who this Mary is, and Georgia puts it off, keeping the secrets from her soon-to-be husband.

However, it’s revealed in this season when Cordova searches her and her past, and his investigations reveal quite a lot about her real identity.

It turns out, Mary is Georgia herself. Her birth name is Mary Atkins, and that’s the name she used to go by until she went to prison after her biker gang days.

Following prison time, she adopted a new name (Georgia Miller) and a new identity, one that she goes by to this day.

Why does Georgia murder Tom?

Georgia finally finishes what she started this season, with the death of Tom Fuller at her hands. She smothers him to death, suffocating him with a pillow until he flatlines.

Tom spends the entirety of ‘Ginny & Georgia’ season 2 bedridden, in a comatose state while Cynthia and Zach grieve over his poor condition.

One day, Cynthia shares with Georgia how she wishes Tom knows how she and Zach will be alright and moves on, putting an end to his battle with death he’s been taking on for so long.

She’s also ashamed of thinking like that, only expressing these emotions while in a drunken stupor, finding it difficult to believe that she’s sharing all this with Georgia, a woman she’s not really very fond of (for the most part).

Georgia relates to Cynthia and her pain and takes it upon herself to rid her of this pain. She goes to Tom’s room and smothers him to his death, while Austin witnesses the murder, from inside the closet (he was playing hide-and-seek with Zach).

What happens to Georgia at the end?

Soon after Paul and Georgia marry each other and are slow dancing in their merry times, Jesse a.k.a. Gabriel Cordova crashes the party with policemen.

As everyone’s distracted by this intrusion, the cops quickly cuff Georgia and arrest her on charges of murdering Tom Fuller. Paul and everyone else are shocked and baffled while they rush behind the bride as she’s escorted out of the wedding venue and into the police car.

Paul frantically starts calling everyone he knows and reassures Georgia that he’ll be there for her, the bride looks on with sadness at everyone present there, and at her dream finally coming to an end.

However, if these murder charges will stick is another question, since Cordova reported a suspected murder to the Wellsbury Police Department, meaning there has to be some solid evidence backing up the charges.

He reported the murder after suspecting Georgia of murdering Tom when he hears from Nick that she was the last person who was with him when he died.

However, it’s unlikely that he has any evidence for it since Austin didn’t tell anyone that he saw his mother killing Tom. There could be a probability that they found Georgia’s DNA on the pillow she used to smother Tom to death, but for the time being, she’s not in immediate danger of a sentence.

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