Who is Mitch Keller? Tulsa King character explained

Mitch Keller is one of the first few meaningful interactions that Dwight has after arriving in Tulsa and he soon turns out to be a valuable ally in his enterprise.

The first day Dwight is in Tulsa, he visits the Bred 2 Buck Saloon and sits at the bar. He’s greeted by the bartender who communicates with him and some of the other patrons.

The next time he’s there, the bartender is seen serving a drink to an older man. He then walks over to Dwight and introduces himself as Mitch and says that the older man is his father who he brings to work so that he can keep an eye on him.

He asks Dwight how long he was in prison and Dwight asks Mitch the same question as they share that information. He finds out that Mitch used to be a bull rider before he got hurt and addicted to pain pills for a while before turning his life around and running the saloon for the last five years or so.

A reliable hand

When Dwight learns about the profitability of nitrous oxide, he discusses the idea with Mitch and suggests that he can buy tanks of nitrous oxide in bulk because he owns a restaurant and it wouldn’t draw too much attention.

Mitch gets the tanks without much of a fuss and they have one successful night before their stuff is taken away by the Black Macadam gang. Dwight tells Mitch to stay behind at the bar while they’re going to get their stuff back because Mitch is on parole and could get into more trouble there.

Who is Mitch Keller? Tulsa King character explained 1
Mitch wants to help get the nitrous but Dwight tells him to hang back and be safe

Later on, when Bodhi is brought into the bar in handcuffs by some corrupt cops working for Black Macadam, Mitch sends them away by stating that his bar lies on Cherokee land which means that the police have no authority there.

Mitch is a steady presence in Tulsa and offers Dwight important insight into what goes on around there.

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