Who is Petr Kovac? Jack Ryan character explained

Petr Kovac played an important role in orchestrating the Sokol Project in ‘Jack Ryan’ season 3. In order to bring Russia back to its glory, he manipulated his daughter and even went on to assassinate a notable figure.

Petr Kovac, formerly known as Petr Lebedev, was part of the Red Army. He was present when Luca was ordered to kill the scientists working on the Sokol Project, back in 1969 in Matoska.

Many of the soldiers were against the decision, but only Petr mustered up the courage to talk about it. Upon confronting his superiors, he got shot and kicked out.

Petr survived the bullet and has since changed his name to Kovac. He didn’t forget this incident and kept waiting for the right time to reactivate the Sokol Project.

The assassination of Dmitry Popov

The Russian war plan called the Seven Days began with the assassination of Dmitry Popov, the Russian Defense Minister. Alena’s bodyguard, Radek, actually worked for Petr all along.

Petr intended to have Alexei Petrov take over as Russia’s defense minister. Radek orchestrated a plan with his wife and an acquaintance to take care of Popov.

Their partner shot Popov down at a football game, and the group later pinned all of this on an unknown man that Radek’s wife brought along with her to the game. Greer was the first to note that Radek was missing when Dmitry was taken down.

Who is Petr Kovac? Jack Ryan character explained 1
Greer questions Petr Kovac about Radek

Upon investigating Radek’s house, he came across pictures featuring both Radek and Petr together. In order to find more dirt on Radek, Greer paid Petr a visit. It turns out that Petr taught Radek back in his academy days.

With Greer on his doorstep and Zubkov, the man supplying uranium to them, gone missing, Petr was left shaken.

Petr Kovac admits to assassinating Popov

Petr Kovac started seeing Radek as a loose end upon meeting Greer. He decided to get rid of Radek, who was one step ahead of him.

Radek kidnapped Petr’s daughter, Alena Kovac, the President of the Czech Republic. He planned on killing Kovac if he came looking for her at one of Kovac’s places. Kovac arrives, but he manages to kill Radek first.

Alena connects the dots and realizes that her father, the man she trusts the most, is the one who orchestrated the assassination of Dmitry Popov.

If that wasn’t enough, Kovac also claimed that he is the reason she got elected as the president. He used her and pulled strings to make her what she is.

The next time Alena met her father again, he was left wounded by Luca. He gave her a note before dying, but she decided not to be manipulated by him anymore and removed the strap around his gunshot wound.

Moments later, she walks out of the house and reveals to Luca that her father didn’t survive the gunshot.

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