Vic Neuman: The Boys character explained

The Boys are back for a third season and it relays events an entire year after the end of season 2. A lot has changed except for the inherent hatred toward Supes from the titular gang. The episodes are now streaming on Prime Video.

Hughie has been working at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs along with Congresswoman Victoria ‘Vic’ Neuman rooting out the bad apples when it comes to Supes but it was revealed at the end of the second season that Vic is a Supe herself.

This season goes deeper into her origin and the reasons behind her murderous actions. Here’s more about Congresswoman Neuman or ‘Nadia’.

The reveal

At the premiere of the superhero film, ‘Dawn of the Seven’, Hughie notices that a strange man found his way in between the media and calls out to Vic, referring to her as ‘Nadia’. She ignores him and heads out of the room as Hugie wears a look of confusion on his face.

Vic Neuman: The Boys character explained 1
Victoria Neuman and Stand Edgar at the premiere of ‘Dawn of the Seven’

The next time Hughie comes across this individual, he’s waiting in their office and as he’s being taken out by security he tells Hugie that his name is Tony and Nadia will remember who he is.

Finally, as they’re leaving work one day, Hughie sees Tony following Nadia as she heads out. He follows them into an alley and listens in as Tony mentions something called ‘Red River’ and how he wants to go public with what happened but Nadia tells him that cannot happen.

They get into an argument and that’s when Hughie learns that Vic was the Supe that was responsible for all the exploding heads up until this point.

Her history

Hughie shares this revelation with Starlight and while she’s dealing with Homelander and his antics, he decides to investigate Red River. It was the name of an orphanage for super-powered children.

Vic Neuman: The Boys character explained 2
Stan Edgar adopting Nadia from the Red River institute

According to official documents, Nadia belonged to this orphanage as a young child. Hughie manages to get copies of the files from their computer and finds pictures of earlier victims of her devastating power.

He also finds a video where Stan Edgar is shown taking her into her care, confirming to Hughie that the system has been rigged from the start and that Nadia was working with Vought all along.

The comics

The only thing that Victoria Neuman shares with her comic counterpart is a slightly similar name. The rest of their personalities could not be further apart from each other.

Vic Neuman: The Boys character explained 3
Victor K Neuman

In the comics, Victor K Neuman is a former CEO of Vought and the Vice-President of the United States. He is incredibly simple-minded and perverted, but is easy to manipulate, which makes him an ideal puppet for Vought.

He’s installed as the President after the sitting President is killed but his reign is cut short after he is murdered by Homelander when the Supe attacks Washington D.C. with an army of Supes.

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