Who is Darwin? Sky Rojo season 3 character explained

In Sky Rojo season 3, in order to trap Coral, Wendy, and Gina, Romeo brings his new assassin, Darwin, on board, who is vicious, sadistic, and unlike any other member of Romeo’s gang.

After locating the girls who ruined him, Romeo decides to send Moises to hunt them down. He doesn’t send any of his other regular gang members with him. Instead, he decides to put his new assassin, Darwin, to work.

Romeo introduces Darwin as a professional assassin who has been working in places like Medellin, Ciudad Juarez, and Sinaloa. One has to be really good to have a criminal record in these places, and Darwin has it.

The confrontation between Darwin and Moises

Initially, Darwin doesn’t show off his personality in front of his boss until he hops on an RV with Moises and heads to the coast of Almeria. He wastes no time clarifying that he doesn’t trust Moises at all, and he puts forth his opinions in quite a demeaning way.

Darwin and Moises engage in a confrontation, and the former predicts that Moises will betray Romeo again. Darwin’s prediction later turns out to be true when Moises finds out who killed his brother and mother.

The animosity between Darwin and Moises continues throughout the time they hunt for the girls. Moises starts caring only about himself, and Darwin certainly doesn’t appreciate this gesture.

Who is Darwin? Sky Rojo season 3 character explained 1
Moises confronts Darwin

Darwin also gets on Moises’ nerves and teases him to the point where Moises decides to beat him up. The mention of his family encourages Moises to put Darwin in his place.

He warns Darwin not to talk about his family again. If he does, Moises will shoot him immediately. Moises also takes pictures of Darwin’s passports and sends them to his friends, just in case Darwin gets to him first.

If Darwin manages to kill Moises, then friends of Moises will come looking for Darwin, and he won’t leave Spain alive.

How cruel can Darwin be?

Darwin shows why he should be feared when he and Moises plan to send a camera inside Coral, Wendy, and Gina’s house. Moises sends it inside an artifact through a pizza delivery boy.

Darwin assesses this as a mistake that will lead the cops onto them once they kill the girls and the police find the camera. Therefore, Darwin stops the delivery boy from going back after delivering the camera.

Moises disagrees with Darwin and asks him to let the boy go, as he knows nothing about them. Darwin then introduces them to the boy and gives him a brief on what they are doing here and who the girls are.

With that, even Moises now feels that they should get rid of the boy.

Darwin takes the responsibility of finishing the boy. He cuts a circle on their microwave using a glass cutter and puts the boy’s head inside it. Then he turns the temperature up, only to figure out how long it takes for a head to explode inside a microwave.

How does Darwin die?

Darwin continues to work this way to hunt the girls down later in the third season of Sky Rojo. He kills people even if they slightly find out who he is and what he does.

Time and again, Wendy manages to get out of his grip. She eventually lays a trap for him and Beefcake when they come looking for them at Diego’s garage after seeing Wendy’s signal to Coral.

Who is Darwin? Sky Rojo season 3 character explained 2
Darwin comes looking for Wendy, Greta, and Gina’s baby

Darwin and Beefcake walk straight into their trap. Wendy’s girlfriend, Greta, spills gasoline all over them. Wendy follows up the move by shooting two flare guns at them.

Wendy records them getting burned alive. Even while dying, Darwin doesn’t cry for help; he instead gives Wendy a menacing look before passing away.

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