Who is Celeborn? Galadriel’s husband in The Rings of Power explained

The latest episode of The Rings of Power drops Celeborn as the major name related to Galadriel’s canonical lore in the LOTR universe, giving rise to many questions and speculations among the fans.

One of the major gripes the fans of Tolkien’s works and the LOTR live-action media have with The Rings of Power is the character of Galadriel.

The Maiar and high Elf is portrayed in quite a diametrically opposite flair in the Prime Video series compared to her previous versions.

Among the several changes that TROP’s Galadriel exhibits is the lack of any mention of personal relations, the biggest of which was related to her husband Celeborn.

A character that’s not as prominent in Tolkien’s works and the LOTR movies, Celeborn is still a prominent part of Galadriel’s story.

Not including even a mention of him would’ve been a deviation far too unforgivable for the fans. Thankfully, the latest episode changes that.

Who is Celeborn?

Celeborn is Galadriel’s husband and the two make for the oldest couple in Tolkien lore.

There isn’t much content about him in the books and there were several attempts the author made later on, in order to add some to his character.

Celeborn and Galadriel were kinds of nomadic High Elves in the books and they spent the entirety of the first age away from the action.

Later on, the two went from place to place, settling different groups of Elves and eventually creating a place for them and other Elves in Lothlorien.

The Rings of Power Name Drop

Celeborn’s name drop arrives in an unexpected manner in The Rings of Power episode 8, as Galadriel hides from the Orcs with Theo.

Talking about those she lost, Galadriel reminisces about her late husband and also the moments in which she lived a merry life and even danced.

Who is Celeborn? Galadriel's husband in The Rings of Power explained 1

However, she tells Theo that his husband is no more, even if there’s ambiguity and a tacit assumption involved.

Theo is taken aback by the idea that the brooding and fuming Elf could’ve ever engaged in something fun like a dance; the fans are perturbed at the abrupt namedrop and the reveal that Celeborn might already be dead.

Dead or Alive?

So is Celeborn actually dead in The Rings of Power? Although there can’t be a surefire answer to that, the balance leans towards the possibility that Celeborn still lives.

From all that Galadriel says about her husband’s supposed death, she never witnessed the death but likely assumed the worst.

Another reason why he’s still very likely to be alive is that mentioning his name and then not expounding on his story would be a peculiarly silly mistake to commit. The Rings of Power makers can’t afford to make such mistakes.

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