Who are the Shiba siblings? Tokyo Revengers characters explained

The latest episode of Tokyo Revengers introduced the Shiba siblings, who are all closely linked to the Black Dragon gang. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.

When Takemichi realizes that he is the one responsible for Hinata’s death in this timeline, he decides to go back to the past again and alter the events that led to her death.

He learns that the Toman he knew and loved is also gone; it became unrecognizable after forsaking everything it stood for. Mikey changed, and he is now purging the old members of Toman he no longer trusts.

Takemichi realizes that, apart from Kisaki, he must stop the members of the Black Dragon gang from becoming a part of Toman, as these members earned a lot of money but corrupted Mikey in the process.

Hakkai Shiba, the nice guy

When Takemichi travels back in time, he finds himself face-to-face with a younger version of Hakkai Shiba, someone he recognizes from the future. Hakkai tells him that he is the vice-captain of the second division of Toman.

However, Takemichi knows that Hakkai will become one of the members of the Black Dragon. Kazutora, in the future, had told Takemichi that Hakkai killed the last leader of the gang for money and then took his place.

A compliment from Hinata causes Takemichi to compete with Hakkai in every game. He loses them all, as Hakkai is stronger and faster than him.

Tokyo Revengers Shiba siblings
Takemichi competes with Hakkai

Hakkai’s older sister, Yuzuha, makes an observation regarding the same, stating that Hakkai could easily outrank him if he wanted.

However, Hakkai has no interest in being a leader. He likes freedom, and leaders cannot have it due to the several restrictions placed on them — a statement that contradicts his future actions.

Hakkai befriends Takemichi, and Yuzuha reveals Hakkai’s extreme adoration for his captain, Mitsuya, who is like an older brother to him. Takemichi knows that, in the future, Hakkai’s gang would purge all old Toman members, including Mitsuya.

He briefly wonders what happened to Hakkai to bring about such a drastic change in him. Hakkai, who seems like a nice guy to him, acted like a completely different person in the future; his actions and mannerisms were the polar opposite of this Hakkai.

Taiju Shiba, the frightening older brother

It does not take Takemichi long to befriend Hakkai and Yuzuha; he is invited to their house with Hinata. However, he comes across the Black Dragon gang there, and the gang members intend to kill him.

Hakkai apologizes to him for getting him involved in his mess; he even defends Takemichi. Yuzuha, the protective older sister, defends him in return. 

She asks their guests to leave, as she feels that the two siblings should take responsibility for it. However, Takemichi is taken down by Taiju, the Black Dragon’s leader and the older brother of Yuzuha and Hakkai.

He first toys with Takemichi, his prey, and then asks his gang questions about him. His crazed laughter does not cease, even when he beats him up. It is evident that Taiju invokes fear not just in the rowdy members of his gang but also in his siblings.

Tokyo Revengers Shiba siblings
Taiju beats up Takemichi

Furious with Hakkai for bringing a stranger to their house when he would not even join his gang, he orders his brother, knowing that Takemichi is his friend, to beat him to death.

It would be interesting to see if Hakkai follows his brother’s orders or risks defying his unpredictable and violent brother again in the upcoming episodes. 

Furthermore, it will also be revealed how and why Hakkai becomes a member of the Black Dragon gang and take Taiju‘s place in the gang.

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