What happened to Ream’s mentor in T・P BON?

On a mission to find a time-tripper, Ream reveals to Bon how her mentor went missing during a mission.

Like Bon, Ream first joined Time Patrol as an apprentice. She was also assigned an instructor who helped her learn everything and became her mentor.

Ream confesses that she used to make quite a lot of mistakes back then. However, she ended up becoming a competent agent, thanks to her mentor.

The agent who trained Ream left quite an impression on her. Ream accompanied her on the Rescue Unit’s missions as her assistant.

Ream used to team up with her like she now does with Bon. Everything that Ream knows about being an agent, she learned from her mentor.

Ream’s mentor fulfilled the same role that Ream now fulfills for Bon, but to Ream, her mentor was more than just a friend.

Ream looked up to her; she was Ream’s idol. Eventually, Ream’s mentor transferred to the Anomaly Handling Unit, but she remained close to Ream even after that.

The disappearance of Ream’s mentor

The agents in Time Patrol’s Anomaly Handling Unit are tasked with preventing dimensional disasters. 

On a mission to prevent one such disaster, Ream’s mentor was swallowed by a space-time tear, a tear caused by reverse space-time discontinuities. 

These disruptions in the natural flow of space-time inflict external damage, resulting in a tear. 

T・P BON Ream’s mentor
Ream’s mentor was swallowed by a space-time tear

It turned out to be the last mission of Ream’s mentor, as she never returned. She disappeared and is still missing. 

Time Patrol is searching for her, but there have been no leads. She is now considered a time-tripper, trapped in the flow of time and unable to be located or return.

It is because of what happened to her mentor that Ream regrets bringing Bon along on a dangerous mission to find a time-tripper; her mentor’s disappearance still affects her. 

However, Ream has not given up hope. One of the reasons she is still working as a Time Patrol agent is because she wants to find her mentor.

Ream reveals to Bon what happened to her mentor, and once the mission is over, she makes another revelation. 

Ream is going to follow in her mentor’s footsteps and leave the Rescue Unit. She will soon be joining the Anomaly Handling Unit, despite the risks involved.

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