Welcome To Eden summary and ending explained

Welcome To Eden is the story of a few young people dealing with personal conflicts who are invited to a party at a mysterious place.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Hundreds of young people are invited to a party on a mysterious island. Among them, five people, Zoa, Aldo, Africa, Charly, and Ibón, are selected for a journey beyond the party to a mysterious cult.

Zoa receives a text from an unknown number inviting her to a party. After Zoa and her sister, Gabi, have a minor argument over their mother’s addiction issue, Zoa decides to go to the party, promising an experience of a lifetime.

Strangely all the invited members are made to sign a contract that doesn’t allow them to carry mobile phones or bring any friends. However, Zoa brings her friend Judith.

Upon reaching the island, everyone is given a wristband. 

After a while, the party executive announces that the Eden Festival is organized to launch a new brand of drink, the Blue Eden. 

Moreover, only five among the hundred will be allowed to drink Blue Eden, and it will be decided by the lighting up of wristbands. 

Hence, five wristbands were lit, and the people were Zoa, Aldo, Africa, Charly, and Ibón. All five of them drink the Blue Eden drink.

However, after drinking it, Zoa starts to hallucinate and passes out at a nearby rock. When she wakes up in the morning, she finds no one on the island except for the other four who had also drunk the Blue Eden drink.

Baffled and panicked, they are guided by a drone to a civilization. Here they meet Astrid and Erick and get to know more about Eden Foundation.

However, everything seemed suspicious, but the motive of creating a world away from modern advances was vivid as the Eden Foundation’s motive.

Aldo is suspicious of the civilization and later decides to escape. However, he fails and gets killed by Brenda, the Eden executioner.

Zoa, Africa, Charly, and Elbon are told their boat will soon arrive, but it never does. With Aldo going missing, everyone gets more suspicious.

On the other hand, the executives of the Eden Foundation, Astrid and Erick, have assigned members of the cult the task of convincing the five newcomers to join the foundation.

Zoa realizes that they will never be leaving the island.

Soon, Africa and Elbon get convinced to stay while Zoa finds out about what happened to Judith and starts to panic.

Zoa tells Elbon and Charly about it, and they plan to escape in the upcoming Eden festival.

On the other side, Gabi, Zoa’s sister, adapts her way to find her sister. Moreover, Ibón’s father hires a private investigator to search for him.

Zoa completely broken, is counseled by Bel, a rebel among the civilization, and makes a plan to escape on the festival day with Charly.

However, their plans fail as they are assigned frontline duties in the festival, except for Africa.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Welcome to Eden ending explained in detail:

Eden festival

Eden Foundation again chooses hundred people from social media and organizes the next Eden Festival. 

During this Eden festival, all the newcomers are assigned frontline duties leading to the failure of their escape plan.

The festival begins, and new people are found partying, among whom five people will be further trapped on the island to join the Eden Foundation.

Mystery of Eden Foundation

Africa is not assigned any festival duties because she is popular, and people might recognize her. But, she is obsessed with Erick.

She gets inside Erick’s mansion to find him but couldn’t find him anywhere because he was shot by a rebel from Lilith. Astrid takes Erick to Isaac, a child who is also a doctor.

Africa finds a secret door inside the mansion that takes her to an undercover place. The place looks like a technologically advanced network. 

Africa presses a button that leads to unexpected signals. The signals announce “connecting to outer space,” signifying the deeper motive of Eden’s foundation.

The flight

Zoa and Charly had planned to escape the island while others were busy with the festival. However, their plan fails when they are also assigned duties during the festival.

However, Bel asks Zoa to escape through the boat that will be coming to drop off the invitees. Zoa and Charly make all arrangements for the flight.

With Bel’s signal, the festival’s sound system is damaged, and the party stops with people panicking. 

During this, Charly and Zoa escape the festival towards their arrangements. Charly successfully swims up to the boat but is captured by a drone by Mayka.

Mayka, in love with Charly, doesn’t stop him from escaping.

While Zoa is trying to swim, Ulises catches her and injures her. Ibón saves Zoa by killing Ulises.

Zoa finally swims towards the boat, but just when she is about to board it, she sees her sister Gabi walk towards the festival.

Zoa stops knowing that her sister has now stepped into danger.

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