Welcome to Eden season 2 summary and ending explained

Welcome to Eden (Bienvenidos a Edén) season 2 sees the arrival of Zoa’s sister, Gabi, on the island. Zoa must now find a way out while doing everything in her power to protect her sister. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

When Zoa sees Gabi being brought to the island, she swims back to Eden, and Charly escapes alone. Nico finds Zoa and knows that she was trying to escape. He keeps the secret to himself for now but later uses this information to blackmail her because he does not want her to be with Bel.

Gabi, who has assumed a fake identity and calls herself Molly, and another girl named Som are chosen from among the guests to try the Eden drink. 

While the other guests leave, Gabi and Som get left behind on the island the next day. They are welcomed and offered a place to stay with the inhabitants of Eden. Astrid declares that after these two, there will be no more guests arriving at Eden.

When Ulises’s body is found, Astrid calls a man named Joel to Eden for more security. On his way to the island, Joel comes across Charly swimming in the ocean and seeking help, as he earlier jumped off the other boat.

Joel catches Charly and brings him back to Eden. He is locked up in a prison with África, who has been there because she found Astrid and Erick’s hidden chamber. They are only given food and water when Erick returns from Isaac’s place after recovering. 

Erick tells África that this society at Eden is just a trial run. Astrid’s father had made contact with the aliens, and now they are trying to leave this polluted planet and get the aliens to take them to their planet, which they will call New Eden.

Joel and Danae are looking for Ulises’s murderer, and Eva gives them Eloy’s name to get promoted, even though Bel asked her not to do it. A guilty Ibón fails to come clean and is not able to do anything to save Eloy.

At night, he tells Alma the truth about Ulises’s death — Ibón killed Ulises. Due to this, Alma, who has received the orders to execute Eloy, fails to kill him, and Orson cannot do it either. They let Eloy go, and as a result, Astrid takes away one of Alma’s stars.

Gabi finally reunites with her sister, and Zoa tells her everything about Eden. However, Astrid and Erick, not knowing that Molly is Gabi, Zoa’s sister, take a liking to her, and despite Zoa’s several warnings, even Gabi warms up to them.

Astrid sends her guards to look for Eloy, who is hiding in a cave. Isaac, who is Astrid and Erick’s son and lives at the volcano, is not allowed to wander around, but he goes out anyway and finds Eloy. He brings him food and water, and the two become friends.

Nico thinks there is something suspicious about his roommate, Saúl, and goes through his things with Zoa to find some sort of a clue. Nico wants a second star, and if he reports to Astrid whatever Saúl has been hiding, he will get it. 

Nico and Zoa find out that Saúl’s mentor was a rebel, and he plans to follow in her footsteps. However, Saúl catches them snooping around and gets into a fight with Nico. Saúl kills Nico, who spends his last few moments with Zoa. 

Saúl’s mentor was the one who came up with the idea of the Eden drink, but she was opposed to how Astrid and Erick were using it. Due to this, she was killed, and Saúl now wants revenge; he is going to kill Astrid.

Ibón’s father decides to stop looking for Ibón, and he tells Brisa about the same. However, she gets a call from Roberta, Zoa’s mother, who tells her that someone has been watching her apartment.

The person watching the apartment is León, who has been sent by Astrid to search Zoa’s apartment, and he finds a picture of Zoa and Gabi together. Brisa follows him and meets Charly’s brother, who is also worried about Charly’s disappearance. 

When the committee gathers to decide Charly and África’s fate, Saúl attacks Astrid. At the same time, Mayka, who had been communicating with Charly through the camera in the prison, opens the prison door and helps them escape.

Instead of running away, África goes to the place where the meeting is taking place and saves Astrid’s life by attacking Saúl from behind. After this, Astrid spares África’s life but makes África serve her and Erick at their place, even though she knows that Erick has been sleeping with her.

Astrid and Erick also spare Charly’s life when Mayka begs them. She reasons that Charly can be helpful to them, and Astrid decides to make him Som’s link. 

When Charly refuses, she threatens to kill Charly’s brother, and Charly is forced to make Som fall in love with him to convince her to stay on the island. Mayka and Charly keep meeting secretly, even though Charly is supposed to be wooing Som.

While looking for Eloy, Orson and Ibón grow closer and end up sleeping together. The next day, they discover the explosives that are being stored on the island. 

Eloy convinces Isaac to stand up to his parents, and the two make an appearance in front of all the people on the island. Isaac is then allowed to stay with his parents, and he even convinces them to not kill or imprison Eloy, who reunites with his friends.

Years ago, when Astrid’s father had taken Isaac out with him, they were attacked. Her father, who was trying to upload something on his phone, was killed, but Astrid saved Isaac in time.

Eloy and his friends decide to spread the word to let the others know that Astrid and Erick have been lying to everyone. When the situation gets out of hand, Astrid gathers everyone and tells them that they have received a signal from the aliens.

Meanwhile, Gabi and Zoa start growing apart when Gabi starts spending more and more time with Astrid and Erick. At the same time, Joel forces Charly to sleep with Som and to record it. He then gives the video to Mayka.

It turns out that Som’s father, Mr. Sisuk, killed Astrid’s father. Astrid wanted revenge, and that is why she brought Som to Eden. She tells Mr. Sisuk that she plans to make Som stay there forever so that Som’s inheritance will be hers.

Zoa, Bel, Eva Eloy, Orson, and Ibón make a plan together and rebel. They steal the explosives on the island and also meet with Isaac’s birth mother, Nuria, who was beaten to a pulp because she allowed Isaac to roam around on the island. 

África shows Erick that the idea of New Eden and contacting the aliens is not real, and Erick decides to leave Astrid, as he wants no part of Eden now, but Isaac decides to stay with her.

Charly breaks up with Som without Astrid’s permission, so she sends León to kill his brother. However, Brisa is there and injures León, who then tells her everything about Eden. 

Ibón sleeps with Eloy and Orson. He decides to end his relationship with Alma, who kills him for that. After his death, Bel and Zoa decide to kill Astrid, and Zoa tells Gabi to stay away from Astrid till then. 

They plan to disable Eden’s system, which would lead Astrid to Nuria’s place. Nuria is ready to sacrifice herself to kill Astrid, so they plan to blow up the place when Astrid shows up.

Everything goes according to the plan, and Astrid goes to Nuria’s place, but Isaac also shows up there. Bel refuses to blow up the place, as she does not want to kill an innocent child, but Zoa is ready to do it to save Gabi from Astrid.

However, Astrid already knew about their plans and had disabled the explosives beforehand. She tells Isaac that his birth mother was ready to sacrifice his life also, and Isaac finally rejects Nuria and accepts Astrid as his mother. 

Astrid lies to Isaac that Nuria will be sent away, but she is killed as soon as Astrid takes Isaac with her. Furthermore, Bel and Zoa also get caught and find themselves in danger.

Welcome to Eden season 2 ending explained in detail:

How does Astrid find out about Bel and Zoa’s plans?

Due to the picture sent by León, Astrid discovers that Gabi and Zoa are sisters and have been fooling her all this while. She confronts Gabi about the same. 

Gabi craved to be loved by her parents, and she received that love from Astrid and Erick. Gabi, along with Som, also signs the papers to stay back at Eden forever. Gabi admits that she wants to stay here with Astrid.

When the system malfunctions and Astrid goes to Nuria’s place, Gabi stops her because she does not want her to get hurt. She tells Astrid everything about Bel and Zoa’s plan to kill her and betrays her own sister. In return, she earns a star.

What happens to África and Charly?

After the attempted attack on Astrid, Erick returns to his family, much to África’s disappointment. África knew that Bel and Zoa were going to kill Astrid, but she kept quiet because she made a deal with them. 

While Bel and Zoa wanted Eden after Astrid’s death, África wanted to be allowed to leave with Erick. However, she is just a fling to Erick and not as important as his family. Once he leaves, she finds out that she is pregnant with his child. 

Charly drinks too many Eden drinks, and it is Mayka and Erick who help him. When the news about Bel and Zoa’s attack reaches Charly, he wishes to go and save them, but Mayka convinces him to stay with her, as Astrid does not need him to be Som’s link anymore, which means they can be together.

What is Som and Danae’s plan?

Danae meets Som secretly, and it turns out that it was Danae who killed Astrid’s father to get some information for Mr. Sisuk, Som’s father. The two are now planning to do something on the island, which would make Mr. Sisuk proud.

Danae makes a cut on Som’s shoulder and takes out a chip that Som had been hiding there. The next day, Danae sneaks into the hidden chamber where the computers are located and uses the chip to access the system. 

However, Isaac catches her red-handed, but it is not revealed what Isaac is doing there or what Som and Danae are trying to accomplish.

Are Zoa and Bel killed?

Zoa and Bel are taken to be executed. Astrid and Erick are also present. Before Bel could be killed, a distressed Gabi intervenes. She pleads with Astrid, the woman she now considers her mother, to forgive Zoa.

Astrid forgives Zoa but not Bel. Zoa refuses to live without Bel and wants to be killed or spared with her. Astrid decides to kill them both, but they are once again stopped, as Brisa arrives there in a chopper with her companions to rescue the missing people.

While Astrid decides to welcome Brisa and her companions to Eden, Gabi tells Zoa that Brisa is here to rescue them.

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