Virgin River season 4 ending explained: Is Jack the father of Mel’s baby?

Virgin River season 4 follows a pregnant Mel and clears all unanswered questions from previous seasons while raising many more in the season finale. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Season 4 of Virgin River begins right where the previous season left off and follows the separate storylines of the ensemble cast.

Mel is a nurse practitioner who moves from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California town called Virgin River for a fresh start. The series revolves around her and all the people in the close-knit community as they face drama, love and other issues in life.

There are multiple twists and turns in each narrative, with many unanswered questions at the end, raising hopes for the next season.

Mel and Jack deal with her pregnancy, and all the complications that surround it, starting with the question of who the father of the child is.

Problems surround them as Mel goes through her high-risk pregnancy, and Jack’s mental health issues and his experience with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), are all explored in detail.

A new man, Cameron, also enters the scene and is attracted to Mel which creates complications.

Hope makes a return and slowly recovers from her brain injury, while Doc’s long-lost grandson, Denny, came to visit the town with his own secrets. The relationship between Hope and Doc is tested amidst these changes.

Brady, Brie, Paige, Preacher and all the other characters also resolve their previous issues that were left as cliffhangers and proceed on with their lives- pursuing new relationships and rebuilding older ones together.

The last episode successfully cleans up previous loose ends. The father of Mel’s child is revealed, and there are also shocking revelations about Charmaine’s twins. 

The narrative ends at a cliffhanger, with a plethora of questions regarding the futures of the characters- starting with the hope of a happy and peaceful time of marriage and parenthood for Mel and Jack as they continue their lives in Virgin River.

Virgin River season 4 ending explained in detail:

Is Jack the father of Charmaine’s babies or Mel’s?

Mel seems unsure about the parentage of her unborn child, as right after she and Jack broke up, she tried to get pregnant through the IVF clinic she had visited with her ex-husband Mark. 

She uses the last two embryos, but soon after that she returns to Virgin River and patches things up with Jack. This leads to the question of who the father actually is, and they eventually get tested to find it out. 

Jack and Mel get engaged before they receive the paternity test results, and upon receiving them, it is proven that Jack is actually the father of Mel’s child. 

However, they soon come to know the shocking truth about the parentage of Charmaine’s twins. She had been lying to Jack all this while, and he was not actually the father of the two babies. 

While it is unclear who the actual father is, Jack is now free to pursue his life with Mel and their unborn child, without any other parental loads.

Who is Jack’s shooter?

Jack was shot in an altercation at his bar, and the shooter is finally revealed.

The shooter turns out to be Vince, who was Wes’ twin brother and had set out on a mission to find Preacher. Amidst the fight that then takes place between the men, Vince is the one who shoots Jack. This reveal not only clears up Brady’s name from any further suspicion but also clears up all loose ends regarding the situation as well.

Is Vince dead?

After an altercation with Paige and Preacher, the latter interrupts Vince’s questioning regarding Wes. A fight and struggle to escape ensue, and ends with Preacher getting knocked down, and then finally hitting Vince on the head with a piece of wood.

It is unclear if Vince is dead or simply unconscious. Paige and Preacher escape to safety. Full closure would probably be seen only in the next season of the series now.

What is the mystery behind Denny’s appearance?

Doc’s grandson, Denny, suddenly appears in town and settles into life there, but with extremely puzzling behaviour. He gets closer to Lizzie but also shuts down all of her advances to further their relationship.

When Denny overhears Doc telling Mel about the job offer for Lizzie as a helper for Hope towards the end, he visits Lizzie and comes clean about his condition. 

He suffers from Huntington’s disease, which is a disorder that ‘causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain,’ leading to forgetfulness as one of the many symptoms, thus explaining all his previous behaviour.

Why does Mel quit her job?

While Doc is not pleased with Mel’s decision to resign, she decides to do so based on her own assumptive reasoning. She takes the decision keeping in mind her and Jack’s issues with Cameron, and the issues she would most likely face during the course of her pregnancy.

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