Van: Human Resources season 2 character explained

Van is a logic rock assigned to Sarah who Emmy is completely in love with. However, she soon learns that winning over Van is tougher than she hoped. The character is voiced by Miley Cyrus.

Emmy is assigned to a new client named Sarah and when she meets her for the first time, she is accompanied by Van, a logic rock who has a big influence on Sarah’s life.

Emmy is smitten by Van’s appearance but they have differing ideas on what they want for Sarah. While Emmy’s goal is for Sarah to find love, Van is more focused on minimizing pain and maximizing pleasure so she doesn’t really believe in love.

Sarah meets a sweet man named Ben and Emmy wants her to pursue it further but Van convinces her that it isn’t worth it. Meanwhile, Van kisses Emmy and tells her that she’s oddly compelling but claims that she’s too overeager for Van’s liking.

After a second chance meeting, Emmy convinces Van that Sarah should go out on a proper date with Ben but when the topic of her mother comes up, things get sour and Van builds an emotional wall around Sarah.

Emmy later finds out why Sarah reacts that way about her mother and tries to connect with her but Van pushes back and Sarah fires Emmy as her lovebug.

Opening yourself up

The moment that pushes Sarah to fire Emmy is when she sees her father, Paul, out on a date. She believes he’s moving on from her mother who passed away almost a year ago.

Paul continues to reach out to Sarah to connect but Sarah ignores him under Van’s advice. When Van gets a cold and has to go home, she has dreams in her sickly state.

In that dream, she is faced with all of her old clients who have passed away and she explores her reasons for pushing them out of her memory. Van couldn’t handle being separated from her clients once they died because she cared for them so much.

That’s why she spends most of her life not trying to make meaningful connections but this epiphany helps her realize her issue.

Through Emmy’s persistence, Sarah reconnects with Paul as the lovebug explains to Van that sometimes in love, there isn’t room for logic. With Sarah in a much better place, Van decides to take a break from work and confront her own demons so she has one last goodbye with Emmy who says that she’s going to miss her.

Van: Human Resources season 2 character explained 1
Van quits her job to work on herself

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