Vampire in the Garden summary and ending explained

In Vampire in the Garden, A young girl, Momo, joins hands with the vampire queen, Fine, to embark on a journey to find a place where humans and vampires live in harmony.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Long ago, vampires started plaguing the earth. The abundance of blood helped them spread everywhere. The surviving humans gathered in a place and created a wall of light to save themselves.

Momo is a young military cadet and the daughter of a commander. Unlike others, she is not a ruthless soldier.

On a mission, she comes across a young vampire girl. Although the girl is killed by her fellow officer, a music box belonging to the girl lands up in her hands. Momo doesn’t share the same feelings as other humans regarding the war with the vampires.

The vampire queen, Lady Fine, also understands the futility of the war. The vampires have also been using a kind of special drug which transforms them into powerful creatures before ultimately killing them.

Meanwhile, Momo is caught listening to the music box by her mother who rebukes her strongly for following the practice of listening to music like the vampires.

Momo decides to leave the human settlement and sits by a river listening to the music box and singing a song she had heard before. Meanwhile, the vampires attack the human settlement.

Fine hears Momo singing and crying by the riverside. Momo expresses her wish to escape and live alone. Fine, recognising the song, approaches Momo and ends up scaring her. Momo’s friend Mirena comes to her rescue and shoots Fine.

But Mirena ends up dying as a vampire attacks her. When the vampire heads toward Momo, Fine comes to Momo’s rescue. Momo’s mother is informed that her daughter is in the way of fire but she prioritizes the elimination of the vampire.

Fine, aware of Momo’s wish to run away, offers her to come along if she wished to survive. Momo decides to go along with Fine. On the other side, the vampire invasion led by Fine’s trusted Allegro fails.

Momo’s mother tasks her brother Kubo to find Momo. Fine attempts to make Momo comfortable at her house but Momo is not over Mirena’s death yet.

Allegro is rebuked by the higher authorities for the failed invasion and is tasked with bringing Queen Fine back.

Kubo finds the location of Fine’s house. Kubo understands that vampires require blood and believes that it’s better to cooperate with them. In the meantime, Allegro also embarks on his journey to find Lady Fine.

A singing session is interrupted when an arrow shot by Kubo hits Fine. Allegro also arrives in the meantime and a fight ensues between the two factions. But, Fine, along with Momo, manage to escape in a car.

Momo discovers that Fine believes in a paradise where vampires and humans live together. Momo offers to accompany Fine on her journey to finding such a place.

After a long journey, Lady Fine takes Momo to a desolate city divided into two islands between humans and vampires. Fine and Momo find a room in a hotel.

Momo wakes up in the night and witnesses Fine struggling due to her need for blood. When Momo offers her own blood, Fine asks her to leave saying she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Momo is thrown out by Fine. On her way, Momo is intercepted by Allegro, who reveals that Fine had developed a close bond with another human called Aria before, but she betrayed Fine.

In the meantime, a fire breaks out in the hotel Fine’s been staying at. A weak and barely conscious Fine gets trapped in her room and is rescued by Momo who has managed to get rid of Allegro.

Momo and Fine escape in their car. Momo helps Fine gain consciousness and expresses her disappointment with Fine who gave up so easily on her.

Later, Fine and Momo continue their journey, but they get stuck in a snowstorm. When Momo opens her eyes, she finds herself in the company of Elisha, a vampire.

Elisha introduces Momo to the village that was depicted in a postcard held by Momo. The village is inhabited by humans and vampires together peacefully. But Fine develops her own suspicions about the village after encountering a vampire who’s being held against his will in the guise of a blood disease.

Kubo continues to track Momo and he finds the postcard, which Momo carried, containing the picture of the village Momo and Fine have landed in.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Vampire in the Garden ending explained in detail:

Devil’s paradise

Fine decides to leave Momo in the village when Allegro finds her and asks her to come with him. The next morning, Momo gets to know that Fine has left but she is stopped from leaving her room to find Fine.

Momo manages to escape her room somehow and discovers that the villagers are using vampires to pump them with blood and use their regenerative abilities to generate electricity inside a submarine.

They use postcards, like the one Momo had, to lure people to the village in the garb of a paradise where humans and vampires live together in harmony.

Just as Momo discovers this secret, Elisha makes an entrance and tries to kill her but Momo flees successfully.

Fine’s sacrifice

On the other hand, Allegro leaves a weakening Fine to call backup but Fine ends up in the hands of the villagers.  Momo’s mother and Kubo reach the village in search of Momo. Momo kills Elisha and escapes the submarine.

Fine, after escaping from the villagers, finds Momo. Kubo’s soldiers chase Fine and Momo. Fine ends up sacrificing herself by taking the special drug to save Momo. When Momo tries to escape, Allegro finds her, but he ends up dying while saving Momo from her mother’s soldiers.

Before he dies, he asks Momo to save Fine. Momo finds Fine, who’s transformed into a deadly creature, fighting with Kubo.

Kubo tries to dissuade Momo from following Fine but fails. Momo tells Kubo that she wishes to be with Fine. Fine attacks Kubo, but she hasn’t let the drug take over her completely and she chooses to let Kubo live.

Momo and Fine escape afterwards as Kubo lies on the ground defeated.  

Farewell Fine

Fine takes Momo to a nearby cave where she transforms back to her true self. But Fine breathes her last lying in Momo’s arms as she thanks Momo for helping her learn how to live just like Aria did.

Momo takes Fine’s body in her arms as she walks through the cold deserted land. Her mother tries to stop her, but Momo asks her to live her own life and let Momo live her own from now onwards.

In the end, Momo is seen living in a peaceful and beautiful town with happy people, possibly hinting that Momo has achieved what she and Fine truly desired- a place where vampires and humans happily co-exist.

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