Unsuspicious ending explained: Who killed Jorginho?

Unsuspicious, a Brazillian thriller-comedy, centres on the lives of three women and their families who were duped by the same playboy. They must stay for an investigation into his death when they visit his mansion to get the answers.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Unsuspicious opens with Jorginho Peixoto sending invitation letters to his wife Patricia, his girlfriend Thyellen, and his ex-wife Mrs Bete Oliveira to a dinner party at his residence.

The butler, Washington, greets these women and their family members when they arrive at the residence. A spa owner named Xandra is also there, as is Mauricio who is Jorginho’s attorney.

The strange gathering surprises everyone. Jorginho discloses over dinner that he is being pursued and that his life is in danger. For this reason, he is dispersing his assets among everyone in attendance before leaving. Mrs Bete claims that Yara is legally entitled to her share of the assets as of the moment she was born.

As Jorginho purchased the salon when Bete put it up for sale, he offers Bete the chance to transfer her home and salon into her name. He offers Thyellen the church that Jorginho uses for his scam.

Patricia’s island in Angra was placed in a trust years ago. However, it was transferred to Jorginho, which was already Patricia’s.

Jorginho had already taken all of their properties on purpose and swindled everyone in that room. He offers them two choices, either leave the house empty while putting his life in danger or sign the contract and help him live a better life.

The three of them refuse to sign the contract. Jorginho decides to reassemble for some refreshments at his study in one hour. They argue about whether or not to sign the contract. As they all know, they can bargain with the devil but not with Jorginho. They gather in his study and discover him dead, having been stabbed in the back.

Detective Charles Nunes is in charge of the investigation to find out who murdered Jorginho. He suspects everyone who was present that day and refuses to let anyone in or out of the mansion.

Mrs Bete is dissatisfied with her weekend, which included chaos, fighting, crying, murder, and a funeral all in one day. Yara, on the other hand, tells her mother that they cannot leave until they find out who murdered her father.

Detective Nunes suspects the butler because butlers are usually the killers, but due to his strong alibi, he moves on to question other members. Patricia pretends to be in mourning over her husband’s death following the funeral, while Mauricio and the Oliveiras throw a barbeque by the pool and play soccer.

Yara questions her family’s decision to have a barbecue given the situation. Detective Charles lingers nearby, eavesdropping from behind a bush. To solve the case, he makes futile attempts to question each suspect one by one. He stalks everyone on the internet and begins digging up everyone’s dirt.

With the help of the butler, Nunes informs everyone that before Jorginho was murdered, he left a will. In his will, Jorginho leaves his heir Yara 50% of the estate. All of his other assets, including his mansion, are divided among the three women for them to remain entwined. Jorginho’s will sparks a tumultuous debate over his assets.

Mauricio and Patricia decide to frame the Oliviera family for the murder of Jorginho to inherit the entire estate. Aquila finds his brother Darlison and Patricia kissing and suspects them of murdering Jorginho.

Yara and Washington assist a clueless detective with his investigation and find new evidence. They also discover that someone planned to murder Jorginho in the shed where he usually smokes.

Patricia compares Aquila’s handwriting to that of threat letters received by Jorginho and discovers that the person who used to blackmail Jorginho was none other than Aquila. Washington refuses to work because no one wants to pay for his social security, so everyone decides to clean up the dusty house.

Darlison learns about the threat letters from Patricia and informs Aquila that Patricia is on the lookout for more threat letters to frame him.

Yara and Detective Nunes make a significant breakthrough in the investigation when they discover that the gas saboteur who attempted to murder Jorginho in the shed is left-handed.

Aquila searches in secret for the letters he sent to Jorginho to threaten him but is unsuccessful. He finally admits to Bete that he threatened Jorginho to get him to stop looking for Yara.

Darlison steals the threat letter from Detective Nunes while he is searching for more clues in Aquila’s room and burns all of the threat letters to keep his brother from being framed for the murder.

All the suspects get along as they clean the house together, and new sparks start to fly as several crushes start to blossom.

The next day, Aquila spreads the rumour that someone is pregnant in the house, igniting a frenzy of gossip among the other residents. Thyellen lies to detective Nunes about being pregnant with Jorginho’s child to gain a larger share of the inheritance.

Detective Nunes continues to use his oblique method, forcing the suspects to reenact the stabbing while switching characters. But Xandra snaps and confesses to stabbing Jorginho during the reconstruction.

Detective Nunes frees Xandra and reveals that Jorginho had a heart attack just minutes before the stabbing. To celebrate their innocence, they reappropriate Jorginho’s 50th birthday party, but the murder case takes another turn.

Unsuspicious ending explained in detail:

How is Jorginho killed?

All nine suspects threaten Jorginho in various ways, and many of them attempt to kill him that night. On the night of the dinner, Mauricio attempts to murder Jorginho for her sister Patricia, who is having an affair with Darlison. She wishes to divorce Jorginho, but he refuses.

Mauricio cuts the gas pipes in the shed so that the explosion kills Jorginho when he goes to smoke in secret every night. But he stayed outside to smoke that night, and there was no explosion.

After the gas explosion in the shed fails, Jorginho returns to his office, where the poisoned tea is waiting to kill him. That same night, Xandra enters his study room and stabs him in the back because she was running an illegal meth lab and he wanted in.

Jorginho, on the other hand, was already dead when the knife was lodged in his back. According to the forensic report, he had a heart attack minutes before the stabbing, so he was already dead when Xandra stabbed him.

He died of cardiac arrest caused by ingestion of oleander, a plant so common that it was discovered right in the garden. Before killing Jorginho, the murderer waited for an opportunity and nine suspects.

What is Washington’s true identity?

Washington is introduced at the beginning as Jorginho’s butler. When Yara’s grandmother slips out that Washington knows the garden and all about herbs, especially the dangerous ones, she shares this information with Detective Nunes. He is also suspicious of his behaviour, as evidenced by his refusal to let him into his bedroom.

So they both decide to look into Washington’s bedroom. Yara approaches Washington and engages him in conversation about her late father. Meanwhile, detective Nunes breaks into his bedroom and discovers several pieces of evidence, including a letter, addressed to Marconi Goncalves, a large amount of cash, and fake ID’s of Marconi Goncalves.

Detective Nunes presents his latest piece of evidence pointing to Jorginho’s murder and reopens the case. After all of the case’s twists and turns, he reveals that Washington is Jorginho’s mentor Marconi Goncalves, not a butler.

Marconi exchanged his mansion for fake ID papers from Jorginho five years ago, and he had control over Marconi with the dossier containing every single crime, misdemeanour, and felony committed by Marconi Goncalves.

What becomes of Marconi Goncalves?

When Washington’s true identity is revealed and he is apprehended for the murder of Jorginho, he exposes everyone’s ugly lies that they had been keeping from each other.

He reveals Aquila’s threat letters to Jorginho, Darlison hiding his plan to run to Paris to study cooking from Patricia, Thyellen and her brother Raul’s fake pregnancy plan, Mauricio’s plan to accidentally blow up Jorginho with a gas leak in the shed, Xandra’s not-so-platonic love for Patricia, and how Bete spent years lying to everyone about who Yara’s real father was.

Marconi flees through a secret passage in the house after accusing everyone, but Yara follows him.

The Aphrodite statue is filled with gold, and Marconi takes it with him, leaving a gold trail behind. Nunes follows the trail that leads to the house’s secret passage.

When Marconi secretly enters the study room, he receives a message from his pilot instructing him to proceed to the extraction point. Yara approaches him and inquires about Jorginho not being her father. However, Marconi climbs onto the house’s roof and attempts to board the chopper. He dies as a result of an unintentional fall.

Finally, just as everyone is about to leave this mess behind, Yara discovers Marconis’ phone in the garden and informs detective Charles about the audio message on it, which reveals that he was pushed by someone from the house on the roof. The criminal had a vested interest in framing Marconi as the perpetrator. Now They still have nine suspects in the house, and the killer is still on the loose.

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