Two Summers summary and ending explained

Two Summers follows a group of friends who reunite after a long time as somebody starts blackmailing them for their actions from 30 years ago.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

On the evening that Peter (Tom Vermeir), along with his wife, Romée (An Miller), is going to host their old friends for a get together on their private island, he receives a video, from 30 years ago, in which he, along with his friends, is seen sexually assaulting another friend of their group, Sofie, while Sofie looks unconscious in the video.

As Peter gets in a frenzy over the message which demanded 100 Bitcoins to stop the video from leaking, the group of friends, that include Luk (Kevin Janssens), Didier (Herwig Ilegems), Stef, Saskia (Ruth Becquart) and Sofie (Inge Paulussen), wait to be transported to Peter’s island. Luk is accompanied by his girlfriend, Lia (Sanne Samina Hanssen), who’s a newcomer to the group.

Didier, who was also in the video, has married Sofie while Luk and Saskia are separated and have a child together.

After a nice dinner where everybody raised a toast to their friendship, Peter takes Stef, who’s in the government, away and shows him the video along with the messages. Peter tells Stef about his suspicions of the blackmailer being one of their friends.

In a flashback, after the night of the assault, the group is seen destroying the tape before Peter gets into an argument with Mark, a friend who’s not part of the reunion as he died in a fire accident the same night at Didier’s house, where the group was partying.

In the present day, Peter and Stef discuss their next steps. Later that night, they share the information with Didier who gets paranoid about the consequences if his wife, Sofie, finds out about it.

Peter, Stef and Didier try questioning Luk in a bid to make a better judgement about his finances. Their suspicions get stronger as Luk’s wife, Lia, worked as an escort and had an encounter with Didier ten years back. Given that Luk wasn’t involved in Sofie’s assault, Didier highly suspects the blackmailer to be Luk.

Back in time, the boys discuss telling Sofie about everything while Romée asks Sofie if she’s okay since she heard some noise coming from the boys’ room the earlier night.

30 years later, Peter talks to Luk about Lia’s former profession and tells him about Didier’s involvement with Lia. Lia heads to the group and reveals the secret about her past in front of everybody, including the bit about Didier.

This revelation infuriates Sofie, but she decides to put the onus on Didier for his acts and rejoins the group for a smoke.

In the night, the group discusses Mark when Luk reveals that he had locked Mark’s door from the outside following his argument with the group which subsequently led to his death as he couldn’t escape.

Peter, although, lies that Mark died from suffocation in his sleep. Later that night, Peter wakes up as somebody has played the video on the TV. Romée, who had followed Peter, confronts him about what she saw.

Peter recounts the events of the night from 30 years ago when the group decided to take sleeping pills to get high.

Luk and Saskia departed from the group when Romée passed off, leaving just Sofie, Peter, Stef, Mark, and Didier. As Sofie took another pill and soon passed out, Mark and Peter assaulted Sofie as Didier and Stef stood by the whole thing before Peter interrupted and sent everybody off.

When the narration ends, Peter calms down Romée and promises to sort it out himself. The next day, at the breakfast table, Romée announces that she wants a divorce from Peter. Meanwhile, Stef and Saskia grow closer.

Peter shares his doubts with the other guys about Romée telling the other girls of their crime.

The focus shifts from these two timelines when the members of the group are seen answering the questions of a cop who’s investigating a death. In the conversation with Saskia, it’s revealed that Peter is the father of Saskia’s child and not Luk.

On the island, Didier gets in a tussle with Luk over Didier’s suspicions about him.

Peter finally shows the video to Luk, who gets surprised on seeing the video on Peter’s mobile. He reveals that he intended to blackmail Peter because he was furious when he found out that Peter was the real father of Saskia’s kid and not him.

Later, Stef tries to convince Romée to help to find the blackmailer, but she refuses. Peter confronts Saskia for hiding the truth about their son.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

Two Summers ending explained in detail:

Tying loose ends

As the investigation nears an end, it’s revealed that Romée was the one who sent the video to Peter.

Lia also came to know about the video when Luk discovered the tape a long time after the incident. Peter had destroyed some other tape and the original stayed with Luk all this while until he discovered it again a few months back. He shared the tape with his wife, Lia.

Lia, in return, shared the tape with Sofie after she came to know that Sofie’s married to Didier, a former client of Lia’s with whom she didn’t have a great experience.

Sofie subsequently shared the matter with Romée out of paranoia as Romée has been protecting Sofie all her life. Romée orchestrated the whole plan to scare the guys and everybody, including Lia and Saskia, knew about it.

Out in the open

Saskia asks Sofie whether she wants to continue with the plan as Saskia gets scared for her growing relationship with Stef. Saskia didn’t think it was prudent for Sophia to destroy everybody’s lives over something that happened 30 years ago. Saskia informs Stef that she knows about the blackmail.

Stef decides to own up to the whole thing in front of everybody at the dinner. But before he could do that, Lia plays the video on the TV, confronting the men about their actions.

A long argument ensues where the men try to justify their actions while admitting it was a mistake. Amidst this, Luk confronts Saskia for lying to him about their son.

When Romée comes to know that Peter is the father of Saskia’s son, she gets furious with Saskia and Peter for lying to her. In a fit of rage, she tells the group that she had released the video to the press the same morning.

The sinking boat

With any hope of being saved lost, the group disperses. After Saskia confronts Romée for lying about the press release, she tries to talk to Stef, but he doesn’t reply. Luk questions Lia for not sharing the truth with him about the plan.

A while later, a gunshot is heard and Peter finds Stef’s body lying by the shore as the whole group comes running to the site.

As the police officer closes the investigation into the blackmailing and manslaughter of Stef, she tells Romée that she isn’t sure whether the case will be taken for a criminal trial or not.

In the end, all the remaining members of the group are seen receiving an envelope from the court which hints that a criminal case has been filed eventually.   

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