Tooth Pari: When Love Bites summary and ending explained

Tooth Pari: When Love Bites follows the story of a rebellious vampire who breaks the rules of her own clan by falling in love with a human. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Rumi, a rebellious vampire, lives with a clan led by Ora. The clan is not allowed to step into the human world, as they have struck a deal with a man named Adi Deb, also known as AD, whose family has been protecting the clan for years.

AD provides them with gadgets, entertainment, music, books, video games, and, most importantly, blood from a nearby hospital so that these vampires can navigate their lives underground and not kill the humans above.

Another reason Ora’s clan isn’t allowed to roam the human world is the threat they face above in the form of the Cutmundus, a coven led by a witch named Luna Luka, who has been their arch-nemesis for years.

Despite all the restrictions, some vampires find their way out, especially because they lust for fresh human blood. Rumi often breaks out, hoping to enjoy her life and bring that fresh blood to the clan.

Rumi isn’t much afraid of Ora or AD, but everyone believes the day they find out about her adventures, Rumi will face terrible consequences.

While partying in the human world, Rumi attempts to collect the blood of a young, healthy man named Badshah. She ends up breaking her tooth while trying to bite him. Badshah suffered from thyroid cancer and therefore had a prosthetic neck.

Rumi’s fellow vampire friend, David, instructs her to get treated by a man named Abdul. David had saved Abdul from the wrath of Ora and AD. Abdul was one of their own. He had made the mistake of falling in love with a human being. Though David was ordered to kill Abdul, he instead sent him into hiding.

Unfortunately, Abdul fails to offer assistance for Rumi’s broken tooth. This leads Rumi to visit Dr. Roy’s clinic. She had taken his number at the same party where she bit Badshah.

Rumi doesn’t get treated by Roy on her very first visit, but she gets to taste his fresh virgin blood. When she shares some of it with her friends in the underworld, they thrive for more. Sreela, a novice vampire, volunteers to bring every bit of Roy’s blood. At the very last minute, Rumi saves Roy from Sreela.

Amidst all of this, Badshah had approached the cops for help. Sub-Inspector Kartik Pal, who is ridiculed by everyone because his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, claims that he saw vampires when he was young, takes this case seriously.

Soon, the Cutmundus take note of Kartik’s investigation and figure out that Ora’s clan is active again. Sreela ends up facing the leader of Cutmundus, Luna Luka, at Dr. Roy’s clinic.

Luna Luka sends Sreela’s head to Ora through AD to warn them of what is to come. David and another fellow vampire, Meera, inform Ora about Badshah. Ora is forced to bring Badshah to the underworld and give him a life as a vampire.

Badshah fails to recognize Rumi. Still, David and Meera insist that Rumi get her teeth fixed as soon as she can; they can’t protect her forever. They wonder if Rumi is making the mistake of falling in love with Dr. Roy.

Rumi picks up one of Sreela’s teeth from her severed head before it was burned. She lures Roy into fixing her tooth by attaching the one she has, and he observes how her nerve quickly grabs the tooth and sticks it to itself.

Roy does research of his own and tests if Rumi is a monster by inviting her to have dinner with his family. He offers her an onion and a necklace made of silver.

The onion does affect Rumi’s health. Roy follows her into the underground and watches how she heals herself using David’s blood. Upon finding out that Rumi is a vampire, Roy rejects her by calling her a monster.

David meets Roy and shares how humanity wronged Rumi. Her boyfriend abandoned her when she got pregnant, and her parents forced her to go through an abortion and marry a ruthless husband. After losing her second child, Rumi tried to kill herself, and it was David who gave her this second life.

Similarly, David also talks to Rumi and encourages her to not abandon a good guy like Roy. Roy and Rumi make up once Rumi promises not to hurt anyone else. What Roy doesn’t know is that she killed Haru da, one of the Cutmundus, a day before when he tried to follow her.

Roy also learns from Sub-Inspector Kartik that she slept with him after their fight. Rumi assures Roy that it was the day before their promise and that she loves him.

Roy and Rumi patch things up, and he introduces her to his friend Ian. Soon, Rumi brings David and Meera as her parents for dinner with Roy’s parents. Kartik, on the other hand, is told by his father that Rumi is one of the vampires; he saw her fangs the night she visited him.

Things get harder for Rumi as well. Badshah finally recognizes her. As a punishment, Rumi is caged and is not given blood for days. Roy comes looking for her and finds his way to the underworld.

Roy attempts to break Rumi out, but a caged vampire around sees him and starts making noise so that he would be forgiven. Roy and Rumi are both captured by Ora’s clan.

Tooth Pari: When Love Bites ending explained in detail:

Does AD decide to kill Roy and Rumi?

Ora leaves the decision of what to do with Roy and Rumi in AD’s hands. AD hears Roy and Rumi’s story and sees Rumi as someone special.

AD lets Rumi know that he is willing to let her go if she travels into the human world, kills Luna Luka, and ends this once and for all. Luna Luka has found out about Ora’s clan and how AD is using the blood to develop a cure for sickle blood cells, as his wife is suffering because of the same.

Until Rumi comes back with the job done, the vampires of Ora’s clan will drink a little bit of Roy’s blood from time to time. The longer Rumi takes, the more likely it is that Roy will die soon.

Why does Kartik help Rumi?

After leaving the underworld to hunt Luna Luka down, Rumi first visits Roy’s family to calm them down. There, she notices an envelope left for her. When she met Ian, he had shown her a picture of Luna Luka from their theater days.

Back then, Luna Luka was in love with someone, and he was a vampire from Ora’s clan. Rumi identifies the vampire. She visits Kartik and asks him for help. Kartik lures Luna Luka in by claiming that he has caught her vampire.

Luna Luka is asked to reveal the vampire in front of the whole world. The vampire captured turns out to be Luna Luka’s lover. Though this move doesn’t help Rumi in any way, it confirms Kartik’s father’s claims.

Kartik had lost his job because of this case. Since the existence of vampires is confirmed, Kartik will be reinstated as an officer in the future. Kartik keeps his end of the bargain by helping Rumi out.

Does Rumi defeat Luna Luka?

Kartik takes Rumi to Luna Luka. Rumi struggles to fight a powerful Luna Luka, who thrashes her initially. After sucking a bit of Kartik’s blood, Rumi confronts Luna Luka again.

Despite giving a tough fight, Rumi gets stabbed in the heart by Luna Luka. The only takeaway is that Rumi doesn’t die. During the fight, Luna Luka used the water from which Rumi was reborn as a vampire.

The water protected Rumi, and Luna Luka realized that Rumi isn’t the same species of vampire that Ora’s clan is from. Rumi doesn’t listen to her any further and proceeds to bite Luna Luka to death.

Do Rumi and Roy end up together?

Rumi comes back victorious. She is celebrated and respected as well, considering that she is far stronger than the other vampires. All Rumi asks for is Roy.

AD reminds Rumi of his words. He had offered her life in exchange for the death of Luna Luka. Their deal had nothing to do with Roy. Now, they can’t send Roy back to the human world, knowing that he is well aware of where their clan is.

AD still allows Roy to live if he agrees to turn into a vampire like them. Rumi tries to convince Roy, but he wants to love her as a human.

Before the vampires could kill Roy, Ora pitched another option to Rumi. They will put Roy into deep hypnosis and send him back home. Roy’s memories from the day he met Rumi to the present will be erased. Roy and Rumi agree to it.

Losing the memories of meeting Rumi also brings a new Roy out, who is more confident than before. Rumi visits Roy again during the late hours, and their story receives a new start.

What is next for Rumi?

Rumi’s victory changes a number of things. Kartik receives a promotion, as his story of vampires is no longer just a story. 

Rumi is now feared and respected in her clan; she is running things around and wants every vampire to feel free to stroll on the streets of the human world now that Luna Luka is dead. Rumi also plans to move the clan away from Kolkata soon.

AD doesn’t mind because he knows how to bring Rumi back to him. Rumi’s daughter is still alive, and only he knows where she is. Meanwhile, young blood in the form of Haru da’s son takes Luna Luka’s place in the Cutmundus.

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