Tony’s death in Ganglands season 2 explained

In Ganglands season 2, Tony’s plans to leave with his family for Italy are put on hold when he is arrested by Commissioner Herman and targeted by Almeida.

After killing Chris and stealing his diamonds, Mehdi and Liana part ways with Tony, who plans to take his family to Italy, while Mehdi and Liana look forward to going to Canada.

Unfortunately, their plans are put on pause as Almeida comes hunting them down. During the heist at Chris’ lab, they injured Chris’ client, Javier, who turned out to be the son of the leader of Los Soles.

Javier’s father sent Almeida to take care of the person responsible for injuring his son. While Mehdi faced Almeida’s wrath, Tony ended up getting caught by Commissioner Herman, who is investigating Chris’ death.

Herman forces Tony to turn on Mehdi and lure him into their trap. Tony agrees, but the moment he sees an opening, he gives Mehdi a heads-up and escapes with him.

After learning that the cops have Tony’s family, Mehdi talks to Herman and promises her that he will surrender in three days. Mehdi, Tony, and Liana then start working on their Almeida situation.

How does Almeida get to Tony’s family?

Tony, Mehdi, Liana, and Saber come together to battle a common enemy in the form of Almeida. Amidst their battle, Almeida seeks help from Commissioner Herman so that he can extract information on his targets.

Almeida successfully manipulates Herman into thinking that Mehdi is working for Los Soles by having his loyal associate, Valeria, attack Herman’s sister and send a message on behalf of Los Soles.

Tony's death in Ganglands season 2 explained 1
Tony tries to negotiate with Herman for his family

Commissioner Herman not only starts believing in Almeida, but she also gives him all the information he needs on Mehdi and Tony.

Mehdi and Almeida battle back and forth. Almeida even offers Mehdi a deal, but he never stops attacking them. The moment he learns about Mehdi’s hideout, he sends his soldiers to get his money back and kill whoever they see in sight.

All of this information is supplied to Almeida by Commissioner Herman’s officers. When Liana informs Mehdi and Tony about the attack on their hideout, Tony demands more security for his family from Herman.

Herman comes to Mehdi’s hideout and only finds Nahel’s body. Tony tries to convince Herman that Almeida is to blame here and that he is the person who is from Los Soles, but she doesn’t listen.

Does Tony kill himself?

Saber’s lawyer helps to track down Tony’s family, and when Mehdi and Tony arrive at the place, Mehdi finds his friend’s family dead. He tries to stop Tony from witnessing what he just saw.

Tony figures out what’s wrong and goes inside to see his dead family. He asks for some alone time from Mehdi, who goes out, and in a few seconds, he hears a gunshot, which suggests that Tony has killed himself.

Mehdi calls Liana and lets her know that Tony is dead. When the cops discover Tony’s family, Herman wonders who else knew about their location.

Herman gets to know that, apart from her team, Almeida knew about the location, and she then comes to realize that Tony was actually telling her the truth.

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