Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me ending explained: Does Nina choose Maciek or Janek?

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me is a Polish romantic-drama film about Nina, who finds herself choosing between her husband and younger ex-boyfriend. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The film introduces Nina, who lives with her husband, Maciek, and her two daughters, Lena and Zuzia. Within the first few interactions between Nina and Maciek, there is a noticeable lack of spark.

A journalist by profession, Nina works at a publication where she runs into Janek, who has joined the same company. He turns out to be her ex-boyfriend and a flashback shows how the two met.

Maciek continuously ignores Nina, ignoring any of her demands and barely spends any time with her, meanwhile, Janek and she have conversations and clearly resonate with each other.

Maciek even prepones his trip to Iceland to escape, making Nina furious at his refusal to accept responsibility and leaving the entire household for her to handle.

Nina and Janek spend more time at work and slowly start to understand that they’re more suited to each other.

One day, Zuzia’s health deteriorates. When Nina isn’t able to find a first-aid kit, she calls Maciek, who tells her he took it with him. He is rather nonchalant about his daughter’s sickness.

Nina calls Janek and asks him to bring meds to help her. Maciek is concerned when his daughters tell him about Janek. Her mom is angry with her for not calling her instead of him. He also builds a rapport with her two daughters.

Nina and Janek finally give in to their instincts and sleep with each other. Maciek starts to become suspicious about the two.

The two have a heartfelt conversation where she says they do not have an out as she has a family. He tells her that he will build a kid’s room at his own place for them.

Nina tells her mother that she has fallen in love, who advises her to ‘fall out of it’. Her rationale is that if she sticks to her family, only she gets hurt, but if she leaves, everybody gets hurt.

When Janek receives a job opportunity from a competitor, Nina asks him to take up the job as she wants to move away from him emotionally.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me ending explained in detail:

What does Nina’s father advise her?

After her conversation with her mother, Nina seeks advice from her father, who pays their family a visit.

He reveals to her that he was in a similar situation in the past and chose to stay with his family. When Nina calls it the ‘right choice’, he wonders if it really was.

When she says that the Children’s happiness is the most important, he questions whether they can be happy if their parents are not. She feels they can.

He asks her to recall her own childhood and whether she was happy. When she tells him she wasn’t because her mother was hard on him, she now realises why.

Does Maciek find out about Nina and Janek?

Janek meets Nina and despite her hesitation to take this forward, the two sleep together again. However, she does not realise that Maciek is on call.

He listens to the two making love and it breaks his heart. He tearfully video-calls Nina to confront her about the infidelity.

Nina feels guilty about everything and decides to fly to Iceland and talk to him in person as she did not want to have this conversation on call.

She hastily informs Janek about Maciek finding out as well as her decision to go to Iceland. 

Who does Nina finally choose? Maciek or Janek?

Maciek finds someone who has fallen into a crevice. He contacts help, who tell him not to take any action on his own and wait for support.

But he decides to help him on his own as Nina is coming to meet him and he cannot wait there. While scaling down, he also falls.

Nina reaches the hospital and finds him in a comatose state. She calls Janek and tells him she wants to stay there and he feels betrayed.

Later, he comes to talk to her and offers to distance himself to give her space. But if she ever decides, he will always be there.

When Maciek wakes up, he tells Nina that he missed her and he has figured it all out. He also claims to still love her. She realises he can’t feel his hand anymore and tells him it will be okay.

At the end of the film, Nina walks outside and wonders what decision to make. The film is open-ended and she never truly chooses between Maciek and Janek.

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